241 Crude Caveats and Raw Lessons of Brash, Rash Reasoning: or just Common Sense

"It has been the scheme of the Christian Church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of governments to hold man in the ignorance of his rights. The systems of the one are as false as those of the other, and are calculated for mutual support."    Thomas Paine

A Taste of Testy, Tastelessly Twisted Taunts, Raunchy Humor & Rude Raving Rants of Pet Peeves and Insights concerning Problems arising from a Covert History Controlling the Major Organizational Aspects of Human Social Evolution, with a Global Systems Analysis that Offers Concrete Solutions

0: Greek Shepherds: In a number of plays on the Greek letter Lambda, sheep jokes lighten the tables and text. So we here offer a similar taste of  raunchy '-X ranch humor' graphically illustrating what certain 'geek shepherds' place on their hard ivory towers while dreaming of their spoiled herds of naive, sheepish nerds, after feeding them some brand of  'free fodder.' "For they're all so blessedly attainable, and just as easily effortlessly trainable, to savor the flavor of a first kiss, before they must return it as bliss, at the behest of an older or more pretentious attendant, if just for his amusement. And while sheep must try to dress up like the best, in order to win a place in this ritual contest; a sheep's a mere beast, just a cheap piece of meat, butt boy does it have a firm bodice. Yet have you seen or even heard of a nerd, or just one sheep in the whole fucking herd, who ever fits the right dress? But then again they'll never confess, how they now love the endearing caress, by that hardy club of manhood. Oh the joys of a hard evening feel, always makes a beast's knees bend as they squeal. And though a herder may thrash its sweet meat till the sheep feels a bit faint, while it may hurt 'em but good, a rude shafting surely beats any hot burning wood that could bake that same juicy ass as the next evening meal, when all the men would eat its succulent carcass!"

1a: Free Fodder?! You may have thought you were hungry too, but are just full of your over-bloated self-image, and thus too busy to notice the only thing you eat is industrially salted, fried lard, so are never really hungry, just addicted. For you've drunk that next bucket of sugared oil in record time after nearly plowing everyone over in your souped-up Classalack when pulling up to the Grease Pit a couple hours later; gulping down the last drops feeling better after pulling out at twice the speed to get back-to-class before the boss or other `race rats' will notice. Who are all itching to snitch you out for that coveted '#1 pole-smoking position!' But that's why it's properly called "fast food," fool! So how might you break that nasty habit with no cost, smarty butter-sucker? The only way I know is to "Eat that fat off!" That's right, fat hasn't blinded you or deafened the ears yet: "Eat it off, maggot!" - i.e. prove that a burst bubble of hot air is still alive and the hungriest gluten for 'soul pudding' at an 'e-scribe boot-camp.'

Well, though it remains a funny and insightful read, more serious minded students might safely forgo reading the rest of section 1 here as I finally caved in and decided I had an obligation to God to just Give the Book Fodder Away to fatten up you sheep for the slaughter house!! But I still gotta make sure that my animals work hard enough on the -X here to both earn their upkeep and grill up real good, mean and tender on the barbee. Yum! But of course I'll want to keep my favorite lovers alive as long as possible as retired race rats, house pets and lap ho's to cuddle and help keep me and any cowgirls I can muster up warm at night. Which  basically means that I'm just beginning a long (>4 year) overdue site update where folks can eventually sign up to receive a free download of the basic 241 system and particle table, whereby they will be challenged to at least attempt to solve a problem or two (roughly as discussed above and below) before receiving the murky swamp of the second extended particle table and the rest of the full gradated course in universal creation, cosmology and associated topics; all of which was (/will be) also discussed in the book's Summary on page 3 (together with the upcoming download instruction).

Answer a few questions correctly and you can also win the money back "2-for-1 guarantee" - further becoming a life-member of the Advanced e-Courses in Integrated Natural Science. Which now basically means a select few may literally get their $25.50 investment back, or rather, more likely, additionally earn a free training pass to Allah-U's and Saint Lenny the Jew's Winner's Club Casino of Applied Quantum Learning, as described on page6 explaining the precognitive training course for gamblers, wise guys and cogent profiting prophets or wise men.

For a smidgeon of directed gradated learning for the full e-book of physics data was already previously a great deal for $25.50, which would have made you and 241 a winner1b, though you shouldn't expect getting chump change back without producing some tangible result in return. For you can safely bet your life there are no money back guarantees for incompetence from 241; as with a Fanny May or Seal School, even if you hold a piece of parchment and can bark like a dog as it bounces on your nose, you still gotta eventually pay, if not necessarily in money, but more importantly with effort and some sort of hard work,  for the shelter and training. So it might even save you some trouble to try that nose trick with a hardcover since it produces more heat for your stove if all you're going to do is burn it when it first falls to the floor. But a page of parchment is just as flammable in the real world. So a word of caring advice: take up Hindi or Chinese if you really want a job; you'll get it boss - or rather, they'll be your (given intellectual sloth, and a soaring bank debt, all our) boss soon enough!

 1b: Which means that just as it's unreasonable to expect 'Free Fodder' from a university, press, chef or any business, 241 soon reasoned it had everything to gain by cutting out middlemen and offering a relatively Cheap and Unique Fodder: optimally designed to give only interested parties affordable access to priceless information in a loosely directed forum that can thereafter be used for any personal gain or possible professional advantage (like actual pure mathematical equations, not just hypothetical theories, setting precise mass scales between particles!). Indeed, even spending $63.49 for what was originally proposed as a technical hardcover was rather reasonable by contemporary standards - especially considering it offered unprecedented information such as the supersymmetric origin for the asymmetry of matter over antimatter, the entire fundamental sparticle/particle mass spectrum within a unitary dimensionless universal system that offers a detailed explanation mapping the whole of space-time, with a fully consistent quantum gravitational theory for Creation itself. But as if that weren’t enough, for every student, engaged or indifferent, they could  have gained easy access to browse and copy this material in some college library (until its floors cave in by all the accumulated ivory covered volumes of paperweight it houses), while I go broke promoting a book nobody, individual nor institutional,  seems to want! But even if small presses weren't being put out of business in droves by the internet and the digital copying of any new science books of mostly rehashed trash, you are obliged to give a reduced 40% discount for 5 or more books to at least library distributors, as if it were in the publishers better interests to hand over a significant volume discount to supply the same colleges from some temporary warehouse. Indeed, it's a tad foolish to sell one book for 20,000 co-dependent students to use for a hundred years in the first place, especially if your intent is to distribute an unparalleled system to individuals who actually want to, and so willlearn it. It’s then rather easy to sense how the purposes of both 241-Mumbers as a publisher, and you as an individual, were far better served by de-emphasizing the book business with a focus as a cheaper, yet potentially more lucrative, e-subscription data or e-book service tailored as a progressive course of a loosely directed, self-revealing wisdom shared with those who meaningfully are willing to ponder, learn, debate and so perhaps help solve even deeper cosmic mysteries in a hands on manner. This emphasis has been stressed ever since it became evident that it is too easy to bite off more than you can chew or digest; in the process cheating one's self of an opportunity to fail or err, thus reducing your learning capacity (it leads to a 'flatter discrimination curve' in behaviorist lingo). Though it’s obviously more of a burden to have 241’s Mum parcel her system in progressive stages that prevents easy answers; experience has shone that otherwise a false sense of security too easily prevails in a persona of a smug critic before any of the material is even assimilated - a sheep blinded by its own, its herd or herders over-thunk, yet out-of-spunk, brilliance and self-glorified image.0,2  


1c: A Short History of Why I'm Pissed Off: Likewise, I progressively found it exceedingly difficult to solicit more than passing interest in this material despite its obvious uniqueness and importance. Which only seems explicable by a self-righteous skepticism bred so deep that any "claims" of discoveries are instinctually interpreted as being tantamount to flat out lies just because some 'authority' lacks the information or never read a `paper' by the fellow who's making these massive "claims.” Which to an extent makes sense, especially in regard the breadth of discoveries: except for the fact that I wouldn't have made, or 'claim' was even capable of making, such monumental discoveries by myself, clearly stating they flowed from the model provided by A.J. Meyers. Beyond any such unwarranted misconceptions, an informed skepticism is still understandable - until confronted by the fact that A: these same four examples and proofs have been on this site from its inception in 2002 (though only backed by corresponding web-articles since late 07) - which any sensible businessman/chef would think should suffice to secure a few orders for some 'bowls of pudding' from the small 'taste' received from unsolicited internet exposure alone. As of 2006 we in turn received B: a couple of library orders, from a national mailing to libraries and bookstores in 2005 (with Sample Data fit in selected brochures, for added clout stressing the empirical ‘pudding proofs’); which were canceled after Mum chucked meeting pointless promised deadlines. Likewise, C: a previous U/S. mailing in late 2003 was directed to individuals in the physics community aimed at attracting a few subscribers who might appreciate an advantage over peers who lack unknown parameters like quark masses. Which resulted in a couple dozen curious or challenging inquiries, most of who were given the introductory data as a free trial and to ostensibly collect some data to help optimize Mumbers teaching curriculum. Which soon turned into a test of their actual interest in the material or data, and learning ability in regard to a comprehension of mumbers' tautology and calculations as a dimensionless scaling system. Consequently this 03-mailing led to and forms the core of our graduated teaching system, as well as, to counterpoint the history of the model, the book's Preface (see Summary Info) explaining why and how it's been augmented ever since. I was heartened by an early responder who was somehow impressed by the last of our Sample Data illustrating the Planck scaling of the neutron time-decay parameter, though the fellow went on to more typically express suspicion of anything unrelated to his particular theoretical interests. Still, though it was refreshing that somebody could at least D: recognize this result as being unprecedented, before 2009 it stood as the only instance where anybody had given positive acknowledgment of a valuable discovery in the entire 241-mumbers data-bank. For apart from both national mailings and the Internet, this introductory material was sent to a few dozen other folks over the years, most of who hold graduate degrees (like participants from a 2000 conference on gravitation and cosmology). Anyway, I’ve pretty much given up on expecting any sort of reciprocal response from a PhD (though I corresponded with a couple of cordial contacts having similar interests); which never-the-less was generally requested, and should be expected, if just for common courtesy - though apparently that criteria is no longer usually respected; which I find disgusting. And not only have no volunteers come close to even wrongly answering any part of that first question that’s required to receive the next stages of the graded on-line study, qualifying for the money-back or free extended e-course - but haven't yet received an unsolicited order for even the free basic material since it was formally offered. (But if or when someone does, I'll likely let the rest of you ratty race-sloths know it! [In 2009 I was contacted by an appreciative German fellow who understood most issues, but has been too busy with his own discoveries and  tribal duties in New Zealand to address that gluino question. In '06-7' a friend directed me to a solid state engineer who eventually admitted he couldn't solve it {important note: I think he needed a hands-on pocket computer, not a spreadsheet - the key being study, creativity, versatility and speed, not programming ability!}, but gave me a wonderful compliment when he said he admired my humility as expressed in the Preface.])


1d: Why 'Free Fodder' Rules the E-Mall: But one surely can’t say I didn’t try; and will again - if just as a given obligation to do what one must. Though it may be hard to believe any and/or all `claims,' a Pudding Proof of A: asks not for 'belief,' but just D: recognition of some unprecedented facts. We offer two books that no one cares to read, yet apparently it's 241's physics that's regarded with suspect claims; despite demonstrably being further supported by the central tenets of the synthetic geometry text. Meanwhile, the blithely blind lemmings on the web predictably prefer to play 'Free Search and Find' at the neighborhood e-Mall to get their info and data handed to them for their homework assignments. For if there's been an increased retention or wealth of information wrought by the web-highway, why can't 6 out of 10 U.S. high school students point to Canada on a map?  And that's free info that's been available in most any elementary school; so what's in it for a website that hawks gobs of new information and data that everybody thinks is 'Free' due to that Search business? So maybe I shouldn't have been surprised when national mailings don't produce a dime; with Google trying to corner copy-rights of authors by digitizing every book in better university libraries [and Amazon et. al. trying to digitally destroy everything except newsprint as it attempts to corner the market on all other goods except oil and  gas], potentially destroying the book market in every niche except maybe for kids. But with all Harry Potter books now in movies, though Rawlings will stay richer than the queen, they'll be burning her books for cheap fuel as kids not only won't be motivated, but  hardly able, to read 'em at this rate of 'Dumbing Down.'2 Anyway, all the Money is clearly in advertizing for the privilege of a fast search for bargain basement sell-outs of everything except yesterday's old newspaper. Indeed, bout the only thing Bill Gates or Jobs didn't anticipate is that the web was destined to be turned into a E-Mart on top of a sloth's lap - since the web media is no different  that newspapers, TV or radio: as shopkeepers pays them for ads too. So Corporate Media drives in one fact for all Consumers: either you Work For e-Mart in some mall or ivory tower office, you Buy From Them and all Of their Self-Promoting BS Propaganda, or else You Die. (As all the fools chant "Ogle, don’t dawdle or doodle, to get all the Free Info you'll ever need, all you gotta do is go directly to Google - its Ads Pays Them to Frugally Screw Ya - Yahoogle!") Which of course is all predictable, given the joint economic myths and realities of the marketplace and ones job within it - which seems to at least partially2 explain the ever dumber propensities of Leno's old Jay-walking dead-heads. Yet the goggling commercialism, blogish narcissism and easy googling of web-ogling videots combine to reinforce the same revolting lack of curiosity with respect to professed intellectual goals of philosophical truth, scientific discovery and a supposedly critical, yet `free’ or unbiased, "open thinking."

But I still get the 1e: Last Laugh. For, though my old Process Press address in Berkeley is freely permanent, I figured from the outset of the revelations that one 'Vanity Press' there is enough! Do U C? (If not, be sure to read the interview in rant 2, as well as my Bezerkely history of wider teachings that once were available there in section 4c.) Anyway, however honored, rewarding and enlightening these discoveries have been for me personally, I should mention that I cultivated this penchant couching philosophy and science as humor long before Mumbers emerged from A.J.’s work. For the fun of raw rudeness basically keeps me sanely grounded, as black humor does with most of my friends. Still, given the above history of this project, it's natural that these raving asides are admittedly a tad vindictive, so very likely will turn off more than few `serious academics.’ Yet sooner or later even most skeptics will want this information. And besides, I feel that these rude assessments are richly deserved - if just based on hawking a few books and witnessing intellectual vanities around UCB since '73  - before the recent depth of indifference, hypocrisy and intractably ‘politically correct' consensus-politics turned me into a near hopeless cynic. Which is to say, are you familiar with what suffices for the sole question on your 13th grade entrance exam: Why is a college education of accumulated information like a computer? Because neither impresses anybody with its “wisdom” - that's why! (Likewise, how many lesser poets have received a Nobel, Pulitzer or other Prize since Dylan referred to academics as largely “pointless and useless knowledge?”) So though cultivation of personal penchants for a memorably provocative and entertaining read are probably doomed to be damned from the outset, I credit such informality for a major share of an  adaption to an accelerated millennial learning curve that by historical standards should some day at least prove to be accepted as a self consistent and evident system that could never have been produced by factory faculties in proverbial paper mills. On the other hand, it might of course be preferable to eliminate any perception of self-hype or propensity for over-statement or error – in which case, all one can honestly say is - Queue Sera, Sera - as whatever will be, will be, and will forever be All it can be. Which is perfect; just like the Totality of a Universe that spawned It's Self - as it did, and still does, All-of-Us.

2: The Covert History of a Dumbed Down Educational System Versus the Essence of Gnostic Wisdom: Whatever the outcome of 241's endeavors may be, these rants obviously reveal a long-brewing and jaded disgust with any number of hypocrisies of  the educational establishment (if largely redeemed by the better and sincerer searchers and minds) - though even more so, the vainly acquiescent society, institutions and politicians that swallow or preach this self-fueled hyperbola, however senselessly incongruent, vicious, insane and transparently self-serving and dangerous. (Which pinnacled in the Cheney-Bush era in the financial collapse, a blessing of sorts if dire circumstance might wake enough up to agree with those who've been shouting out unheard how obvious and serious these errors were, and that we're all now in the same life-boat [so the first spoiled jerk that rocks it, gets a fond heave-ho to his new home with a grand ocean view). Or it just makes a few ever more as craven, money crazy and power driven as they instinctively propagate this self-sustained lunacy like a pack of half-rabid, inbred jackals that feasts upon its own young (what Rasta's call the proverbial "shitstem.") But societies and established systems such as education institutions don't arise in a historical vacuum. Yet despite researching, as well as being privy to, a raft of inter-related issues of what one might respectfully call 'covert history,' I was blown away by the following interview sent by an old friend in 2008. Which was just  after I happened to read him that profoundly succinct opening quote from Thomas Paine, whose news leaflet Common Sense was instrumental in establishing our country's principles of freedom, and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for which it stands. Which then serves as a perfect focus or theme for the brunt of our rants here.

Anyway, given a propensity to biting the first hand that offers food, I particularly want to include the following material (& perhaps an insightfully funny 'UCB Training Manual,' if I can ever find it), if just as support for any insinuation the rants would be better addressed in a spirit of educated debate: rather than reflecting disgust with the lack of it. In either case, it's probably best to preface the following interview with a short history of the Compulsory Prussian Education System.doc, where the reader can also watch a You Tube video on the subject at Now originally I included the whole of this 1994 Gatto Interview on the History of our Educational System.pdf with two-time New York teacher of the year John Gatto here on the Rants page itself, though now it's probably more economical  to strongly urge any readers who haven't read it before to definitely update and expand their grasp of  what this Prussian based model of compulsory schooling has done to what Gatto calls a 'Dumbing Down' of a real education. [I think that though I received fairly good to mediocre training from grade though to a  military high school, that I got a superb Renaissance education at UCSD - which was relatively free save room and board thanks to the once great State of California  - though God help any non-scholarship (I was top of my class, but so what?) student now whose daddy ain't financing their ass.] In any case, if somehow you haven't, or have [how could one not!], bemoaned the consequences of what this dumbed down intellectual worldview has produced, this dialogue  proves he did his homework well before becoming a writer and master educator. Which means this excerpt from should be a real eye-opener for you too, whatever your degree of training. Anyone interested in pursuing this issue can also go to Mr. Gatto's website and buy a book, or perhaps download a free chapter.

Yet Gatto is hardly alone in an assessment of our population as being progressively 'dumbed down' ever further since 1994, as evidenced by the following snippet from David Barsamian's interview with the great historical essayist Gore Vidal that  is excerpted from the November 2008 issue of In These Times: DB: Does America strike you as being a nation of sheep? GV: "Of course it is." DB: Why is that? GV: "No one is educated.  There is no educational system for the lower classes, if we can call them that.... And why? If you owned this place, would you want anybody to know any history or why anything happens the way it does? No, you can't teach them that. Ask any working school-teacher. They make difficulties to this day over teaching evolution. It's a nation going to commit suicide. We're too stupid to survive in an evolutionary world." DB: And what role does media contribute in that dumbing down of Americans. GV: "It's central. The U.S. media has always been corrupt, and it's more corrupt now than at any time I've ever seen."

Vidal more recently updated and re-iterated these themes in a Sept.'09 conversation with Tim Teeman for the Women Times On Line website One thing I have hated all my life are LIARS [he says with bristling anger] and I live in a nation of them. It was not always the case. I don’t demand honor - that can be lies too. I don’t say there was a golden age, but there was an age of general intelligence. We had a watchdog, the media.”

Although I agree with Gore's assessment of an increasingly lax media in shaping an ever-dumber American culture, the central proclivity of humans to vainly LIE for their own self-interests as lax servants of their "given-beliefs" in the dominant religious myths and/or a dominating militarist state is neither exclusively American nor a particularly modern phenomenon. Indeed, in the central Christian Gnostic scripture of the long-buried "Nag Hammadi Library," the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus addressed his apostle's concerns in regard to what proper customs and 'commandments' they should generally follow (anticipating them spreading his 'Living Words' in unfamiliar and/or hostile territories). He responded with this succinct gem of deeply reasoned wisdom: "DO NOT TELL LIES, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven."

Likewise, I strongly urge the reader to read and share the following tale by the Egyptian Sufi Gnostic master Ahmed el-Bedavi (d. 1276), founder of the Bedavi Sufi order, as was retold for modern consumption by Indries Shah in "Tales of the Dervishes." For this story not only shares a most poignant insight into the origins of self-constraining religious and cultural beliefs, but at once is a highly accessible lesson for adults and children alike in regard to Teaching those who'd prefer to lazily just "imagine what is to be learned, not what they must first learn." This elucidating simple tale is called  THE STORY OF FIRE. Once read, you can go on to share it with any of your multi-media crazed slacker friends by urging them to view a far less succinct 26 minute telling on a You Tube video at

You might then later ask your friend whether they bothered to take your suggestion and view the entire video,  and if they did, then what they might have learned from the tale. But if they didn't, you might add that the Gnostic fellow who first told you to try this experiment thought he or she might have a better chance of  viewing a video than reading it, but You chose a lazy slacker, so both you and I predicted  he would be incapable of learning that first rule of gaining wisdom! Which now is what? Wanting it so bad you will be willing to be taught in the first place - which is the first thing you Are taught! If you think I'm incorrect and am just again projecting my sniveling rants about lazy slackers and vain eggheads who won't take my discoveries seriously, perhaps you're right cause that's How I learned this lesson! But if you don't think this is a central theme of Gnostic wisdom, simply contemplate what Jesus says in the second paragraph of the Gospel of Thomas. Which starts with the famous line from Mathew (the only standard gospel I ever read, required for a  humanities course at Revelle): "Seek and you shall Find." Which is actually the popularized shortened paraphrasing of Jesus' words in Thomas's script "Let him that seeks continue seeking until he finds". But then can you tell me What  Jesus says you will find?  Didn't think so, as I would spot you 10 to 1 odds if you'd take my bet that you could always guess, but didn't know, as long as I knew you didn't whip out your me-phone/pad and find out or more simply just looked below before you give me your answer without cheating. In any case, I was given a copy of Thomas's gospel from the Jung library when I moved to Berkeley in 1973, three years before the Nag Hammadi scriptures were published. So this is a question I've asked a lot of people and don't recall ever getting a remotely correct answer. But then again we're talking about my revelation that I seemed destined to learn my lesson with respect to the Gnostic Teaching of our Sufi tale and my direct,  first hand, experience of how hard it is to impart a modicum of higher knowledge into a community of professional skeptics and eggheads who have little or no clue how to seek, recognize, learn or teach anything outside of their ivory towered routine. Anyway, did I not just say that the first rule gaining wisdom is Wanting to Seek it so bad that your are Willing to Pursue the Search and be Taught by others and your Own Work and Direct Experience so that you eventually Will Find true Wisdom? (Yeah, I know what some might be  thinking what this might mean, but no, you don't first 'find wisdom,' you gotta learn and earn it idiot.)  In any case, the question about what Jesus said one first finds when they seek remains unanswered. Now,  when I was given the prepublication copy of  Thomas's rendering I only recall that it said what one first finds was most simply Trouble. So years later when I first read the Sufi Story of Fire I was somewhat delighted by the Gnostic irony of the fact that trouble was the first thing the master had warned that brave student he might likely encounter with that first tribe their group stumbled upon before he boldly runs off to meet these heathens to show them the real way Nour had discovered  how to make fire by demonstrating the stick rubbing technique and 'proving' to them how easy it was. So the first thing the dumb shit does is promptly forget the first  thing the master attempted to teach him as he then instinctively opens his big mouth before asking the tribes opinion about their view of the Nour myth! Which pisses off the tribe and their priests, who told them Nour himself  had long ago handed them alone the secret to making  fire and so as such were also their chiefs who had a sacred duty to command them to butcher any stranger that begged to differ! Which explains why this blasphemous stranger had 'naturally selected' himself out of the story, never to return to the group he came from! Which is natural selection in it's purist form, paring genes of the weaker links from the herd, while at once creating a stronger, more cooperative,  group by banishing the non trainable or uncooperative ones to the hinterlands of sexless shame, addressing any population problem competing with other groups for finite resources, not to mention one less horny buck in your group means it's value for luring more chicks from other ones has certainly increased, which more precisely also qualifies as a cultural selective advantage! Which means you already know that so few seek  wisdom in the first place, you don't have to actively exclude anybody like a pack of  animals! It follows that your club of Gnostic trainees is so cool  and exclusive all you gotta do is kick back and let the first guy who volunteers to be a class guinea pig prove your suspicion that he will indeed be the first fellow to break the first rule of Gnostic teaching in not following the first sound advice he's ever heard from anyone, let alone from master teacher, Senor Gatto himself -  who simply openly warns the student that he's highly likely to invoke heaps of trouble on his own dumb sorry ass! Which is quite likely very close to the truth of what must of happened to the guy, both from his and that tribe's respective perspectives - he must have volunteered to sacrifice himself by jumping into their god Nour's sacred pit of fire after the whole tribe of race rats was ordered by the chiefs to carry out their appointed duty to chase the fool up the sides of the nearby volcano!!  In any case, here's the actual final edited Aramaic to English translation of what  Jesus actually said in the second lines of Didymost Judas Thomas's script: "When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and then he shall rule over all."

Anyway, we started this aside about Jesus' teachings to illuminate Gore Vidal's comment about lies, going on to comment on how the Story of Fire illustrates similar Sufi wisdom that applies to a proper method of teaching in general. So as this whole section here has been concerned with the the history and a more enlightened  view of education, I should mention that my sole degree in psychology was focused on learning theory, so am an experienced authority on the subject. One might then also note that in section 1b. of our Rants I already mentioned the fact that learning can only be optimized by gaining  from any mistakes you make. For example, my senior project happened to be on the subject no error learning. Now, you can train a pigeon to peck say only a green lit tab, not allowing it to ever to peck the red button to get its next dose off food.  But not only does this partial training lead to an impaired discrimination curve, once you allow or force the pigeon to make a mistake and say get rewarded for pecking the red key, it becomes highly flustered and confused and proceeds to furiously peck the red tab, making more mistakes than any pigeon which is normally conditioned to choose between the two keys on its own. In fact, I found out that the experimenter's intervention wasn't even necessary to produce the bird's nervous breakdown  when the cage light suddenly went out before I returned the next day to complete the experiment on a highly flustered bird who proceeded to only peck the red key without any coaxing from me what-so-ever.  Luckily, I was also taking a class on emotion theory at the time, which allowed me to explain my discovery without any standard operant hypothesis due to the fact that the very definition of every emotion except love entails an interruption of  an organized response sequence.

Later I was exposed to some novel training that handed out the following enlightening little tale (which I'll simplify) called The Rat & Cheese Story: "One day a rat found himself in front of three tunnels, a red, green and a blue one. Smelling cheese, he rambled up the green and red one, finding no food, so shortly ran up the blue one, finding that hunk of yummy cheese at the end. Every day he repeated this routine and found his food at the end of that blue tunnel. But one day when he got to the end, there was no food on his blue tray! So, he became flustered and kept running back and forth up the cozy blue walls looking for a few scraps whoever took the cheese might have dropped. After that he had to think and concluded maybe he was being tricked so should scamper up the red and green tunnels - and sure enough found the biggest hunk of cheese he ever saw on the green plate! But the point here is that a human will behave just like the rat except the rat will eventually stop going up the blue tunnel, while the human will run up a tunnel with no food forever. For 'all the rat cares about is cheese, humans want to be in the "right" tunnel. In fact, humans come to Believe in their tunnels, it is often a major achievement just to discover there's no cheese there'." As the trainers went on to say something like 'people would rather 'die right' than ever admit that they are flat out wrong (or deluded)!' Anyway, they ended up offering me the training for nothing after I told them that a rat study was actually done in which an over-trained rat that was conditioned to go up say a white maze, would Burrow Through a Wall of Food blocking the tunnel to get to the 'Goal box' containing a mere pellet of its food!! I learned this by the way because of that interruption of an organized response sequence business, and would be willing to bet that most operant theorists to this day haven't learned this fact. 

So one  might keep this story in mind with a summary of some additional  Gnostic wisdom of the ages with respect to the words and life myths surrounding the man known as Jesus Christ. In the third paragraph of Thomas, Jesus goes on to clarify exactly What a sincere searcher must actually Seek. He begins with this analogy: "If those that lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds in the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea, then the fish will precede you. Rather, the Kingdom is inside You, and it is outside of you. When you come to Know Yourselves then you will become known, and you will realize that it is You who are the Sons of the Living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you will dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty." I doubly emphasized the above bold, capitalized and underlined italicized words for the purpose of contrasting Jesus' Gnostic teachings and actual message with the more common Christian belief of Jesus' "divinity'' as the personification of the one and only 'Son of God' so to speak. Clearly, by what authority can some pope or priest justify preaching such non-sense when Jesus HIMSELF states that Anyone who sincerely Seeks to Know Themselves are the only ones Fit to Reach and/or Experience the Ineffable Kingdom as a true 'Son of  God.' Which obviously applied to Jesus Himself as well, so in turn fully justifies why he later speaks of himself in similar terms when referring to God as 'His Father!'

Now, as long as one grasps the fact that their previous religious conditioning, beliefs or simply habit may have 'righteously' deluded their sense of reality with respect to what Jesus was actually teaching, it's at once quite natural to Personally refer to him as the One who Gives Themselves Greater Meaning. However, Jesus' cross is said to be so heavy, while normal  folk feel so weak and beat, they're more than willing to admit as much and confess their 'sins,' mercifully thankful  he shouldered it to wipe away each of their relatively minor personal burdens and guilty transgressions from their conscience or superego. They subsequently more often than not Fail to contemplate and transcend this sad state by the Conscious Act of Looking within Themselves and/or objectively Doing something For their World besides praying to God for it, their selves and loved ones, or, worst of all, for the propagation of their sect's particular beliefs. Still, beyond such understandable neurotic pathos and fairy tale myth, the fact remains that everybody is searching for meaning and that the search itself is a healthy act even for the poor souls that can't, are prevented from or don't realize their hopes and pipe dreams, yet of course it's much better for those who are lucky, content, cagy, or wise enough to find it - Whatever it is they feel gives them meaning [which is more often than not, Not Themselves, let alone anything that much Greater than just them]. In any case, however one interprets 'his meaning,' Jesus, like Gautama Buddha, was after all the original master and founder of a major (Gnostic) religion, so folks have good reason to cogently refer to his foresaid deified or honored personification [in relation to 'All-of' or God] as `Christ.'  Which more precisely means he represents the 'Christ figure or myth' in the sense that Jesus never referred to himself as 'Christ' since that is how we refer to his role as a collective figure, just as  Siddhartha is referred to in the third person as 'the Buddha.'

Yet, though I'm no biblical scholar, scripture firmly suggests that Jesus was acutely aware of his special collective Role as a enlightened teacher whose 'Living Words' (and life story) were ''Meant to literally 'live on'' well past his legendary physical death. Which likely also seems to mean that sometime along his path Jesus realized he was marked from birth for a notoriously brutal assassination to fulfill his destiny by first transferring wisdom to his close circle of disciples, who then assisted him as witnesses to in turn transfer to, and so also help him attract, more followers, before openly admonishing vain materialism, craven temple money changers, brutal and other hypocritical non-compassionate practices (like stoning whores). But in light of the Gnostic text of Thomas in seems to me that his most radical teaching  was the very idea of advocating a Personal  relationship with God  by that Inward focus on your Self, which naturally Challenged the existing rigid rabbinical social control over the beliefs, rituals, customs, and eating habits of every Jew, or, rather, most Jewish sects. Which is to say was virtually everyone but Romans (and their lackey governmental chiefs), the Essenes who, along with renegade mystics like the Baptist, had already  adopted a freer lifestyle in tents outside the main cities - and the poor repressed growing mass of his followers who had almost given up hope, praying for someone, a Savior, to release them from their suffering and troubles. Now, though there is plenty of reasons that Jesus' teachings radically deviates from Judaism, apart from openly attacking craven practices, there is no evidence he ever publically criticized rabbinical teachings or tried to modify Judaic beliefs per se, and certainly no reason whatsoever that he would ever even would qualify as the prophesized Jewish 'Messiah' or 'anointed King of  the End of Days' (for details see Mashiach: The Messiah at [It follows that most zealots still expect that mystery super-Jew to show up to this very day! Which isn't that surprising since it's just like Christians who buy into the expectation that their 'divine personal savior' Jesus will suddenly physically reappear just to lead them from earth back into his father's home in heaven during the 'rapture'! We'll discover there's a long river in the promised land where all Zionists really live in a moment - though it's also evident that the foresaid Christians must at least occupy the territory on or above the other side of that waterway, but yet in fact there are far more adjacent Muslim territories next to de same river - which somehow makes perfect sense, being the longest one on the planet!!  (Which surely isn't to say that there isn't a lot of parallels between the Christian Savior and Mashiach, nor very good reasons to Want one. Which seriously just might come to pass if there is some Jewish descendent of King David out there who may be amiable to creating a Gnostic sect of Judaism. [In fact, pages 7-10 of the Introduction to the Nag Hammadi discusses the fact that, starting with the previously unearthed Essenic scriptures of the Teacher of Righteousness' Dead Sea Scrolls, there already exists an unmistakable Jewish influence on early Gnostic Christian thought!] For then there would truly BE ONE WORLD RELIGION cause at least Sufi Muslims, consciously cogent  Christians and certainly most Buddhists already qualify as Gnostics!)]

And though there little evidence that Jesus openly criticized rabbinical customs or Judaic belief, he certainly insured that his teachings would establish a new monotheistic religion throughout the known world of that time and beyond. It follows that he certainly also a shared radical departure from Jewish tradition with respect to instructing his disciples what commandments and customs to the follow after they queried him [Thomas 6] about what they should do when they were spreading his Living Words in foreign territory after he was gone. For example, we have already seen probably the most radical departure from Old Testament Jewish law when in the same paragraph [6] he whittled Moses' Ten Commandments down to One concise directive, which is globally valid to all peoples and places. (It's then noteworthy that he went on to basically say that one  can hardly honor an earthly father that may separate you from your heavenly Father [so to speak, as well as yourself,  I might add as a Jungian], while he further said that his word was not going to bring peace, by rather, war between fathers and sons, and amongst brothers.) In the 14th paragraph of Thomas, Jesus also answered each disciple's questions concerning their missionary duties with respect to foreign customs. For example, given our detailed previous rant about Trouble, what to you think Jesus meant by "If you pray, you will be condemned?"  If that Sufi tale about that dumb student didn't ring an immediate alarm in your numb scull, I don't think anybody would have heard of  your name as that disciple who was burned at the stake for heresy! (Ok, I had to think about it a moment myself, so that's why I added this aside, but can only get away with it by twisting in the humor of course!) Anyway, Jesus ends section 14 with the following clear message that is more obviously unambiguous with respect to both the cogent missionary value of adopting non-kosher eating habits in foreign lands. I might add that modern anthropologists have noted that culinary  practices are the hardest habits to modify. So I think it's also worthy to note when James established a Christian colony in Goa India that to this day there exists a yummy Indian cuisine that is regarded as kosher synthesis of fine Indian food in  everything but rabbinical blessings, though perhaps I'm wrong with respect to a rather large Jewish community elsewhere, but am pretty sure it's Goan. In any case, it's certainly hard to argue for any number of reasons the need for this pragmatic advise: "When you go into any land and walk about in the districts, if they receive you, eat what they will set before you.... For what goes in your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth - it is that which will defile you."

In the fourth century after Jesus was crucified, Gnostics buried their 'heretical' scriptures at Nag Hammadi, suspecting full well beforehand they were going to be murdered, or at least dispersed and persecuted (their teachings having already been condemned at the Synod of Antioch in 264-8), in his name by Roman armies after Constantine had handed them over to the Catholic church. Which came shortly after Constantine himself organized all the regional bishops at the first ecumenical Council of Nicaea 325 years 'After Divinity' to formulate a statement of singular belief and canons of doctrinal orthodoxy that constructed the original consensus view of Christianity, which basically defined Jesus' 'nature' as The 'Son of God' and his relationship to 'God the Father.' For I think there's an inherent problem beyond that issue of how Jesus Himself  flatly stated that his Teachings were meant for Everybody to potentially have that same relationship as a progeny of, and in service to, God, which is certainly  like a loving father who (assuming a worthy individual accepts this) teaches you though your own direct experience, and will direct that person how to manifest their innate talents in service to higher principles and meaning than vain self interest alone (which is that self-unfulfilling state of poverty Jesus spoke about above). But beyond this fact,  good luck with that orthodox tautology in giving any clue to a view of what that Father Is since there's No Definition Of God Itself in that statement! Actually, that's not exactly correct as the central debate at the council of Nicaea was between the bishop St. of Alexander of  Alexandria, who maintained that Jesus as a Son was just  as co-eternally divine as the God the Father or else Jesus couldn't be a true Son,  and a mere presbyter in his perish, Arius, who emphasized the almighty supremacy and infinite eternal uniqueness of God made the Father's divinity greater than his Son. It suffices to say the bishop won the debate count of his peers at Nicaea , though I say Arius clearly won in terms of both a far more cogent logically and historically consistent definition of God. 

For doesn't the first principle in the Old Testament define God as One Being, as if living as a Self-Created and Perpetuating Presence in the Eternal Perfection of Heaven, who then proceeds to be the Temporally Manifest as the Creator of Earth in the first lines of the Genesis myth, whereby he further goes on to Create Man in His Own Image? And likewise, as Sigmund Freud recognized in his book Moses and Monotheism, the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (who's been proven to be King Tut's old man!) changed his name to Akhenaten when he introduced a new religion where the many old gods were superseded by the supreme Sun god Aten, though people were still free to pay homage to all the old gods, they were forced to worship the Pharaoh Akhenaten, who actually called himself Son of the Sun-disk who rules on earth, much like Jesus is envisioned as the divine Son of the God the Father! Which is technically then called an Atonist monolantry. Which led Freud to what I have long suspected (well before I even heard of his book) is a highly likely hypothesis: that Moses, having been adopted into the royal family, was privy to all sorts of secrets (such as the Arc of the Covenant's dimensions mimicking the king's chamber in the Cheops Pyramid!), so I believe he may have consulted early on with Akhenaten, who knew the old priests were pissed off at their loss of prestige, so suspected they would try to reestablish their pluralistic religion and power after he died, whereby Moses had a duty both as an Atonist priest, and so also leader of his people, to initiate a mass Exodus out of Egypt and head north toward the mythical homeland of the 'ten lost tribes' of Israel, which G-D had long ago Promised Abraham and his descendants they would one day finally all live in and keep. But of course Moses never got there though it is said he had at least seen it from the top of Mount Zion, the very place where he received those 10 laws from Yahweh and had henceforth transformed Atenism into a true and fully Monotheistic religion before he died. Which left his aid and appointed heir Joshua the messy job of mopping up what he had begun 40 years earlier as his army proceeded to annihilate, disperse, pacify or convert the Canaanites,  and other Semitic Palestinian tribes, who I imagine lived peacefully alongside any remaining Jews, who all must have actually lived in that region.

In any case, both as a Gnostic and a physicist, I might as well forgo asking the reader to give me a definition of Allah in three words or less, as I think I've already at least alluded to a definition that even an atheist can't deny or self-consistently negate All That Is, which I shorten to the neo-Sufian homage All-of [pronounced like Popeye's goil friend Olive, or AlLove!].  Though this definition is the most general statement of a singular unified self-referential tautology which can just as well be impersonally interpreted independent of any particular racial, religious or any other pre-existing prejudice or belief, it at once conforms to all the above monotheistic, creational, historically conformal and evolutionary criteria,  particularly with respect to a brand New, mathematically Precise and inclusive holistic revelatory paradigm with respect to both God and the 'Genesis' of the Whole literal Universe in terms modern Cosmology, as well as any Personal psychological Meaning or Image of Your Inner Self  and your destined role or Karmic Path with respect to the Greater Whole. Of course, however one chooses to interpret these words is up to them and their pre-existing  prejudices, but an inclusive cogent definition is not open to debate.

But we've yet to conclude the matter of why the Nag Hammadi was buried for so long and the truly regrettable legacy of what this lost Gnostic wisdom has to teach us about just as contemporary issues of more obviously major import.  In the Introductory pages 4-5, the editor notes that two authors of Gnostic texts in the library were already repudiated as heretics by Timothy [2:16-18] in the New Testament since they advocated the blasphemous view that the Christian's resurrection (i.e. 'the rapture'!?) had already taken place. So he goes on further note that the "Nag Hammadi library also documents the fact that the rejection was mutual, in that Christians described as 'heretical' seem to be more like what is usually thought of as 'orthodox.' The Apocalypse of Peter [written in the 3rd century as revelatory visions of apostle Peter, as interpreted by the angelic presence of the newly resurrected  Savior explaining the Gnostic's past, present and future persecution by the corrupted church elders led by a series of new popes] has Jesus criticize mainstream Christianity as follows: "They will cleave to the name of a dead man, thinking they will become pure. But they will become greatly defiled and fall into the name of error and into the hand of an evil, cunning man and a manifold dogma, and will be ruled heretically ...... But many others, who oppose truth and are the messengers of error, will set up their law against the pure thoughts of mine, as looking out from one (perspective), thinking that good and evil are from one (source). They do business in my word.... And there shall be others of those who are outside our number who name themselves bishops and also deacons, as if they have received their authority from God. They bend themselves under the judgment of the leaders. These people are dry canals.'' It's evident that such precocious wisdom would hardly be tolerated by said leader's, so thank them and God they had obviously had the level-headed foresight to bury these scriptures and hopefully a few might have escaped to be farmers or tradesmen before the new Christian armies murdered these blessed unnamed martyrs like a flock of wild geese.

Which is a quite relevant tribute, for looking back to where we started, as well  as a fitting prelude to the next section, Teeman went on to report that Gore Vidal: retained some optimism about Obama “because he doesn’t lie.” But Vidal later backs up his criticism of Obama thusly: "Obama would have been better off focusing on educating the American people. His problem is being over-educated. He doesn’t realize how dim-witted and ignorant his audience is. Benjamin Franklin said that the system would fail because of the corruption of the people and that happened under Bush. Obama believes the Republican Party is a party when in fact it’s a mindset, like Hitler Youth, based on hatred — religious hatred, racial hatred. When you foreigners hear the word ‘conservative’ you think of kindly old men hunting foxes. They’re not, they’re fascists.”

3: Furthering a Covert History of Fascist Contributions to our Polytrix (co-meaning of the word 'politics' for any poor literally-minded dunk-offs is 'poly' as in many; and 'trix' as in tricks ain't just for bunnies or kids) and Organization of Governmental, Financial, Corporate, Industrial, Scientific, Educational, Police and Militarist Systems as Counter-Intelligent Institutions and Investments:  

3a: Bush Family's Connection to Nazis and Banking: The proto-fascist Prussian influence on educational standards covertly extends into a historical web of interrelated institutional interests that dominated the 20th, unto the 21st century world stage. For example, a rather notable facet of this saga concerns president G. 'W.' Bush, who had become widely evident rewarded those who designed and never questioned his role as a so-called 'leader' (Sieg Heil!), in particular the bureaucratic incompetence of the neo-con cabal which  Peter's and Parkinson's Organizational Principles apparently made incapable of contriving a correct prediction. Yet it's not the political grandstanding, calculated lies or staggering ineptitude that we're concerned with at the moment, but rather an odd oversight in regard to the absence of reporting in the mass media of some well-established facts concerning W's granddad, or George Senior's father, Prescott, who somehow became a U.S. senator after WWII. I say "somehow" in a similar sense that though I was aware of Prescott's seat as a senator, I was unaware of the fact that before that he was the director, together with the politically well-connected Harriman brothers, of New York's Union Banking Corporation. Which had all of its assets seized by the FDR administration in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act - basically because the bank's other board members were Nazis whose business was financing Hitler's national-socialist, or rather, corporate-military, state!

Details can be accessed in chapter II of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin at Likewise, one might check a review of The Nazi Hydra in America: The Suppressed History of a Century by Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins at result&resnum=2&ct=result, where related links by the authors point to a suppression by search engines like Google orchestrated under the Bush/Cheney administration's collusion with corporate media to protect it from public scrutiny. Which would seem to account for this peculiar under-reported background material concerning the president proper. Yet one would think that more than a few more might have researched this story, if just for curiosity's sake, or instrumental background material. But as far as I can discern, beyond these authors the only, or at least main, journalist to pursue this nasty historical link to the contemporary political landscape is John Buchanan, who wrote a series of articles for the New Hampshire Gazette at
;; Now, beyond the fact that it seems amazing that Prescott was actually elected to the Senate after WWII instead of being jailed for treason, the fact that two of his immediate descendents were democratically elected to the Presidency of the United States with practically no media mention of this mind-blowing family history is flat out disgusting. (Thanks to an hilarious HBO historian, some fans are aware of the weird, but far less outrageous, fact that 'W' is himself an heir to Two former inept presidents, his old man of course and, via Barbara his ma, Franklin Pierce! Which I suppose proves the old hack that rotten fruit doesn't drop far from the tree!)

Anyway, although this has been documented on the 241 Rants page since 2007, I somehow had never heard of an even earlier fascist fiasco involving Prescott Bush and the Harrimans until a few months before my long-postponed update in 2014.  After researching this nasty revelation, I found that perhaps the best source is an article by Michael Donnelly titled "Wall Street's Failed 1934 Coup," which you can research at The first lines of which reads: "On November 1934, famed double Medal of Honor winner Marine Gen. Smedley Butler gave secret testimony before the McCormack-Dickstein committee – a precursor to the House Committee on Un-American Activities. In it, Butler told of a plot headed by a group of wealthy businessmen The American Liberty League to establish a fascist dictatorship in the United States, complete with concentration camps for “Jews and other undesirables”! The League was headed by the DuPont and J.P Morgan cartels and had major support from Andrew Mellon Associates, Pew (Sun Oil), Rockefeller Associates, E.F. Hutton Associates, U.S. Steel, General Motors, Chase, Standard Oil and Goodyear Tires, and virtually all of whom  went on to be founding members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)."  These plutocrats wanted Gen. Butler to lead this 1933-4 coup to overthrow that dangerous socialist (democrat) FDR, and so the General went along with it until he could learn the identities of all the plotters (none of whom were ever called to testify or charged with treason). Money was funneled through the Prescott Bush-led Union Banking Corporation and the Bush-led Brown Brothers Harriman. The plotters bragged about Bush’s Hitler connections and even claimed that Germany had promised Bush that it would provide materiel for the coup. In 1936 President Roosevelt blasted the American Liberty League before a joint session of  Congress as "economic royalists," before he went on to confiscate the assets of the Bush-Harriman's pro-Nazi enterprises during WWII - which garnered Bush a 1.5 million dollar windfall when the assets were later returned in 1951! In any case, Donnelly's article goes on to summarize these trends in contemporary terms: "thanks to recent Supreme Court decisions, no one can match the political clout of the financiers. The 'royalists' now own the government, as well as the press and their own armies." Interested readers can go to a couple of  other sources exposing Prescott Bush and the Harriman's fascist role exposed by the truly great patriot General Smedley Butler at, as well  as

3b: The Fascist-Zionist Connection: Yet the Bush family's and other's (like Henry Ford, whose tirade The International Jew famously served as the archetype for Hitler's Mein Kampf) ties to the Nazi's almost seem pale in comparison to the covert alliance of Zionist and Fascist aims and ambitions (which, as most of that 2001 neo-con cabal's allegiances demonstrates, extends this theme unto present US policy). I first read of this association in some notes by Lenni Brenner in UC Berkeley's Daily Cal  in the mid-80's (one notably responded to apologists who defended the fact that Israel supplied most of South Africa's armaments which propped up its system of Apartied) shortly after he published his first two books chronicling Zionist history and the Jewish movement for statehood that began in the 19th century. But this connection is probably best summarized by the subtitle of Brenner's 2002 text  51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis (which is reviewed at; as well as at these other sites;; and However, one naturally might wonder what self-interests could be served by both parties; the answer being a common interest in sending German Jews to Palestine, which was of course then controlled by Britain. Although  Nazis also psyched the Arab populace into supporting fascism, the more important point follows from Brenner's analysis of Zionism's historical roots (see; as well as these Which boils down to a calculated doctrine predating Hitler promoting Jewish control over the land around Jerusalem by forced displacement of the Palestinians. (Which, incidentally, again, can be historically compared to what must have followed the death of Moses after that '40-year trek from Egypt.') Such long-standing motivations naturally make one ask how taking Arab land away under U.N. mandate can be fully justified by the Jewish holocaust in Europe. Brenner's scholarship is collaborated by three recent books. The first, Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism by M. Shahid Alam, further documents how pre-1948 Zionist nationalism was always aimed at driving Palestinians from their home, and explicates the formation of myths to obfuscate this. The second  book, Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People details how at least half the Jews are either light-skinned whites of eastern European descent, along with any that resided there before 1948, and a few  dark skinned causations from Ethiopia, so hardly can be called a homogeneously pure Semitic people. It follows that the term "anti-Semitism" is an absurd misnomer, as compared to Arabic Palestinians, who obviously are more fully true Semites. Likewise, the term :"Jewish democratic state" is a contradiction of terms  since the term democracy implies equal rights, where in Israel only Jews are full citizens. Lastly, the title of Alan Hart's three volume set, Zionism; The Real Enemy of the Jewish People, speaks for itself. (All of which is to say; who says de Nile don't run up thru Israel too!?! [I gave ya enough clues, but can surely see why I withheld the full punch line for this rant - if you don't I'm sure you're drowning  in that river, still righteously stuck in that same blue tunnel you were born in as your leaders now tell you to just go with the flow and both your pellet and wall of food that washed down the gutter will magically pop back in your mouth, along a blue tank of O2 they threw in the waters just to save you!])

3c: Nazi Connections to Western Intelligence and Drug Smuggling: So of course the U.S. and its ally's complicity with powerful ex-Nazis after WWII weren't limited to rocket scientist Werner von Braun; but rather were particularly crucial to both the gathering and implementation of  covert information that is best kept away from public scrutiny. First and foremost of which was Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's chief of white Russian intelligence ( Org), whose organization set up and preformed the same function for the CIA and German BND, also helping set up MI-6, Interpol and Egyptian counterintelligence during the Cold War. Gehlen bragged that he had more power after WWII running this 'Fourth Reich' than Hitler would have ever have had if his Third one with the German Axis had won the war! Yet Gehlen's, and its Italian counterpart MSI, of what is generically called the Gladio Spy Network ( Gladio), were again hardly the only ex-Nazis who served similar western interests.

For example, one facet of this story concerns the covert history behind the well-known movie The French Connection. After WWII, a battle raged in Mediterranean ports between socialist-labor and anti-union interests. A deal was forged with Western intelligence that guaranteed union-free docks; as enforced by the Mafia in exchange to freely process shipments of opium (from the Golden Triangle of Francophile Asia) into heroin through Marseille. But less known is the route by which this smack reached the U.S., which at the time was targeted by our spook-masters to suppress and pacify the poor in ghettos - a handy way to keep the populace there from greater evils such as what became the black power movement. (Don't foolishly think such shenanigans "can't happened here" (as Frank Zappa put it). For our ally General Ky of S. Vietnam proved otherwise when he controlled the China-white trade, smuggled [largely by paid cohorts] on board U.S. warships, before retiring to Orange County, CA.) Other interests were served as well, as these shipments were funneled through Klaus Barbi's South American network when the Nazi war criminal was protected by Paraguay, before he (thanks to Henry Kissenger) went on to establish concentration camps and a cocaine business in Pinochet's Chile. The capper of this 'Connection' is that the CIA was giving guns to Barbi's network, who then would give or cheaply sell them to a group of leftist gorillas called the Tupamaros opposed to the fascist states around Uraguay. Why? To gain their trust, infiltrate and so destroy these indigenous commies. I believe this episode was before Argentina began throwing student dissidents out of planes; but it's all par for the course as most S.A. military officers were trained by U.S. spy-masters at the School of the Americas.

3d: The German Formula for Synthetic Petrol from Coal: Which brings us to the brunt of this dialogue, conveniently framed  by another Nazi connection that was also made into a movie - The Formula (1980) starring George C. Scott and Marlon Brando who, believing it was an important story, took the role for political reasons; under scale for the legendary star and recluse. (Yet a million or so was fair, as the screenplay was certainly not up to par with Gene Hackman's unforgettable role in the Frog Connection.) The story concerns the fact that Germany had to fight WWII with no domestic or readily available source of petroleum, though it, like the US, has abundant coal reserves. Which might work for hauling free labor to camps on trains, though jeeps, tanks, planes and submarines work somewhat better with liquid fuels like gasoline. So the good (i.e. non-Jewish) German scientists accelerated a program that processed coal into liquid fuel; which reportedly worked so well it allowed Rommel to feed his desert foxes bread with butter made from coal. Which after the war, as chronicled in the movie, allowed Nazi officials to trade this technology for their skins and monetary reward; without spending a dime of taxpayer money. For our military simply allowed U.S. refiners to buy 'The Formula' lock, stock and barrel, who implicitly assumed they wouldn't use it until the day that most of the earth's oil reserves had been tapped dry.

Which mistakenly was viewed as more immediately impending than was warranted during the late 1970's, when president Carter set up a multi-billion dollar system of taxpayer financed credits that went to energy companies willing to pursue refining the 'Fisher-Tropsch technology' that German chemists demonstrated in the '20's. Never mind that much of this money went to big oil companies who already owned more refined formulas and have been accordingly investing in coal mining (as well as agriculture) for years. Yet an off-hand search reveal's most syn-fuel producers today are privately financed by odd consortiums like Marriot and AIG, or subsidiaries of regional coal mining interests, which all continue to collect government subsidies claiming they otherwise would go broke: In any case, the drastic surge in oil and natural gas prices after 2002 renewed interest in resurrecting synthetic fuels, as acerbated by domestic concerns to wean 'US' off the Mideast's oily tit. Companies such as Rentech, as well as long-established Sasol of South Africa, who's advising some Chinese firms, which accordingly have a strong incentive to "revive the Fisher-Tropsch technology" converting coal to heating oil and diesel fuel ( However, such companies realize that beyond a large initial investment required to build enough plants that could produce synthetic diesel to meet domestic consumption, it likely could drive down the demand and price of oil and gasoline, making these plants useless (as money engines). Furthermore, like coal per se, liquefaction produces more greenhouse gases and soot than oil or natural gas, thus impeding 'brown' synfuel development in favor of more 'green' friendly alternatives. Still, since "the gasoline market is more than twice as large, if companies like Rentech sated the demand for diesel, the process could be adapted to make gasoline" (ibid.), adding that Rentech is "preparing to use an updated version" of the technology "used during WWII by Germany." Which seems rather disingenuous given that this refers to gasoline, not just diesel, used during WWII, and again has been rumored to belong to U.S. oil interests ever since. But whatever details aren't publically available, the message here is clear. For in order to insure that one wins big hands in a poker game, it's advisable that the deck be stacked by the house itself, well in advance of the payoff, while attempting to assure that any wildcards (like the environmental movement) which might slip into the deck in the meantime are not powerful enough to outweigh the house and cohort's overwhelming advantage to deal themselves a straight flush if so pressed.

4: A Global Systems Analysis of the Duel Crises of a Sustainable, Clean Energy Source, and Monetary Policy for a World Historically Governed by Vested National-Corporate Interests

4a1: A Greener Government-Supported Venture Capitalism? The flurry of post-SUV media interest regarding energy issues offers further handy insights in regard to this cryptic assessment. Case in point is T. Boone Pickens, who made billions pumping U.S. oil; but is presently (in mid 2008) a media darling of many environmentalists for promoting massive investments in greener windmill (or solar) power. Which is certainly laudably sensible, though Gatto's interview demonstrates that billionaire philanthropists more often have ulterior motives directed to insure their ever-lasting power, prestige or class distinction, especially in regards to the personal bottom $-line. For example, Pickens bought gobs of stock in Yahoo right before a rumored buyout by Microsoft, which would have netted him ~$1 profit for every $2 'invested;' ~$500-million being an enormous return for a stock held ~2 weeks. So when Yahoo's founders declined Gate's rather generous, yet hostile, bid, Pickens cried "foul play" after selling-off at a loss of less than a nickel per buck; claiming to champion all investors' financial interests. Yet one still has to admire any guy who puts his money where his mouth is - as Pickens had purchased a huge swath of ranch-land and was at least about to order GE's stock of commercial turbines for his vaunted Texas wind-farm. Which should double the esteem if one's firm convictions out-weigh the relatively minor risks (land being re-sellable;  but a hassle even at cost)  from a rather substantial initial outlay, irrespective of any eventual $-rewards. While this investment qualifies as at least a small gamble given the rapidly fluctuating price of energy lately, in the long run it simply just reflects foresight about what appears to be inevitable. But selection and coordination of the more promising green alternatives involves a lengthy series of procedures: from initial start-up costs, thru to their testing and later development, unto a greater organization for fairly evaluating these measures before making the final choices, which then must be connected to an existing power grid with an eye toward funding and optimally improving the whole infrastructure. Yet converse reasoning governing more 'immediate concerns' by this billionaire seem to account for the recent news that he now re-favors aggressively drilling for every remaining puddle of oil in or near the U.S. Yet the largest US reserve is the Bakken formation in S. Dakota/Wyoming*, which is hardly coastal, though most refineries are (for shipping purposes). *(2014 Update: diagonal drilling of the Bakken is now booming, and generally involves so-called 'fracking' by fracturing its shale with an admixture of sand, water and chemicals, which themselves can pollute and leak into nearby water tables, along with releasing methane (a greenhouse gas a hundred times more destructive than Co2) into the water and atmosphere.) In any case, with so many new oil booms, it's surely a Total Boon over-ripe for his personal Pickens!

But the more pointed issue here concerns Pick's media blitz promoting massive national investment in greener alternative sources of energy. Which apparently means TBP expects a fair share of public assistance to 'help develop' his wind-farm during, say, a 10-year transitional phase to a profitable venture. Of course, if such aid allows one to honestly serve himself with due reward during just a relatively short period, it judiciously serves the larger purpose of the public good - though ideally would be even better served if a small percentage of ultimate profit was annually returned to lighten the national deficit - like after the bail-out of Chrysler under Lee Iococca's leadership. So the nagging question remains as to what serves the tax-payers interest to subsidize a raft of competing start-up energy schemes that likely, as Pickens showed us with his Yahoo whine and renewed support of drilling (after the hypocrite helped 'swift-boat' a fellow who likely would've already instituted his grand wind-bag scheme!), will be more indebted to their and any share-holders bottom line than consumers. (Granted; I believe wind-mills here in California have already paid for themselves and everyone loves them nearly as much as the Dutch. {By contrast, Enron bled CA dry within a month following a record heat wave in Washington state that blew out the whole west coast electric grid.}) Which is to say what form of venture capitalism is dependent on government subsidies? Mussolini answered this quandary when he invented the term "fascism'" (as surely as phrase 'robber-barons' characterized late 19th century capitalism before progressives got fed up and made congress slap some regulatory constraints on that era's greedy excesses) - which is just a euphemism for "corporate-national socialism."

4a2: Oxymoronic Phrasing: Inter-National-Socialist Capitalism or Nationally-Free Corporate Trade? Which is to say that public-subsidized corporate-capitalism is hardly a gamble, nor in the interests of any working stiff whose job can be replaced by 'free-trade of cheaper labor' elsewhere. Indeed, "free-trade" has gotta be at least one of the most oxymoronic phrases in history. (One might also take a peak at my choices for the Top 25 or 26 Funny, Oxymoronic Questions.) For if it's so 'free,' why not just give it away? Apparently, 25 years of simply repeating this screwy phrase has been enough to get most folks to accept it as some sort of sacrosanct premise; despite surely never meaning 'freely given.' For though it poses less moronic meaning in the sense of being 'freely-bartered,' it's beyond a mere truism as a coy reflection about 'accepted brain-washing.' For the term was invented by multinational corporate economists in league with foxy-moronic pundits called "neo-liberal conservatives'' (which would obviously be formally high up my foresaid list,  if it weren't for the fact that this screwy phrase pretty near summarizes all the rants of Questions #s 5-1!) - who more meaningfully preach "lower multinational costs = higher corporate profits." Which again translates to Joe Consumer as "less-costly international labor = goodbye to me making money doing a productive U.S. job." But it surely represents far less a gamble for invested interests of capital - particularly the financial sector (of brokers, economists, bankers and insurance) per se - which produces nothing of permanent value besides self-serving advice, heaps of credit, usury fees and gobs of paper money; though it's still redeemable for a tangible fixed resource like gold (unlike when FDR confiscated everyone's private gold stash and gave paper cash back!).

4b: Two Keys to U.S. Financial Stability: Abolishing the Privatized Federal Reserve and Severing Control of Corporate Charter by Banking Interests via a Reregulated and Accountable Banking System -   Ezekiel 22:12: “Thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbors by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord God."   Thomas Jefferson: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."  

4b1: Banking History and the Fed: Anyway, the rest of us are stuck over a barrel between a rock and a hard place with no pants on - just so folks, or their grandkids, might someday pay off international bankers to 'balance' a growing federal deficit - i.e. precisely as Jefferson predicted. Which all has grandly been acerbated by the Treasury Dept. and Federal Reserve's 2008 $800 billion bailout of the U.S. financial sector (that was promptly doubled by president Obama's team of insider economists); if only ostensibly its raft of defaulted home-mortgages. Of course, this really means sucking public funds to support these irresponsible financiers, who solicited a rash of credit-deficient subprime borrowers (being largely landlord want-to-bees or workers whose only wish was to just once get ahead of that snotty Jones clan next door) - who together precipitated the present crises. But financiers were the ones reaping rewards for setting up this scam, as evidenced by the fact that by 2007 40% of Wall Street profits went to the materially unproductive 'Money Industry.' Who collectively should pay back John Q. Public for this bilking, not collect public funds to pay off more cock-sucking lobbyists and political deal-makers for that precious deregulation that led to this mess. As chronicled by the site, pay-offs to politicians and lobbyists in the decade between 1998-2008 total about $5.1 billion, while now lobbyists for the growing pile of  'stimulus' loot were one of the few boom industries in '09! So of course, the fat cats, financiers and their political apologists who overturned regulations wisely enacted following the stock market crash of 1929 were assured that there was a fat chance they would be personally held accountable. For they're the same economists, bankers or politicians who shuffle between Government, Financial Firms, Wall and K Street like inbred "kissin' cuzins" (guys and gals, along with their butt-fuckin' brothers, uncles, and fathers!).

Which began when Clinton chose Goldman Sachs CEO Robert Rubin to be his Treasury Secretary after he'd pumped $300 million to reverse a 60 year old ban on mergers between banks, stockbrokers and insurance companies. Which was more fully orchestrated by that Texan cracker, Phil Gramm, whose 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act overturned the 1933 Glass-Steagall Anti-Trust Act that separated commercial banks from brokerage houses that deal in speculative trading and mergers. Which prompted Rubin to quit to head Citibank, who had just acquired Travelers Group insurance. So after Clinton and Congress acerbated Reagan's allowance of banks to take money-losing assets off their balance sheets by finalizing their merger as investment and insurance services, cries went out to open up an unregulated multi (now ~300-600) trillion dollar speculative global market trading in 'financial derivatives' - including those mortgage related 'credit default swaps' in the 2008-9 news. Which technically began in 1971 when Nixon abolished the 2000+ year-old gold standard and replaced it with the paper-money or 'dollar standard.' Some "standard," as anyone, group or country can now hoard or speculate in national currencies as well as fixed resources like precious metals as if they were variables like traditional consumable commodities such as grain, pig bellies or oil. But this swing wasn't fully formalized until Gramm slipped one of his huge unread riders called the Commodity Futures Modernization Act into an omnibus Bush appropriations bill, which then fully deregulated derivatives trading. Whereupon Gramm quit the Senate in 2003 to lobby for UBS [who'd acquired Paine-Webber thanks to his '99 Act] on behalf of an act designed to pre-empt stronger state laws against anti-predatory lending, at once lobbying the Fed, who largely ignored the underlying and growing problem with the subprime mortgage/housing market. Then finally, Gramm slithers up to within one step of the White House as John McCain's chief financial advisor; before his legacy of collapsing monetary debris crushed both their illusions - thank karma! In any case, with low interest rates, and the Bush administration bent on lessoning taxes and no government regulation of any corporate entity, the proletariat were easily appeased by the prospect of 'investing' in a booming real estate market for maybe a quick sell-out to the next bigger chump - until this inverted pyramid game collapsed, leaving only these CEOs or incompetent economists with any of the loot that was left. So who else could 'W' (coming from a 'prestigious' linage of an ex-international Nazi banker and two previous inept presidencies [his "it's the economy, stupid" dad, who married Barb 'Pierce']) reassign to 'regulate,' or rather, bail-out, the so-called 'free-market?' Who else but his Treasury secretary Henry Paulson, Rubin's predecessor at Goldman Sachs, which had hedged the mortgage market for all it was worth - leaving his Bush appointed partner Fed chief Bernacke holding an empty money bag to take the fall. Which in turn persuades the new Treasurer Timothy Geithner, who Obama naturally brought in from the New York Federal Reserve Bank, to fill that bag back up with more guaranteed dough to insure the 'financial confidence' of Wall Street. And to return us full circle back to 1997, but I only later found  out, that Geithner and Obama's first chief financial advisor Lawrence Summers [who once headed the World Bank  and Obama later almost promoted to head the Fed] were the actual culprits who initially conspired to overturn FDR's Glass-Steagall Anti-Trust Act.!

But then this national-socialist give-away to (or bailout of the 'toxic assets' of) megabanks conveniently serves the duel/cross purpose of characterizing publicly subsidized corporate consolidation as a 'necessary stabilizing action,'  while at once somehow reinforcing the screwy idea that any 'public-government' which 'restrains' the ever-mythic 'free market' is a far more costly and disastrous exercise of 'centralized socialist planning' - although banking obviously demands coordinated reregulation to prevent yet another economic crash. Postscript: so banks are now paying back some of the bailout money [sans interest to any 'public bondsman' or "commoner," of course] for the privilege of retaining large bonuses for their executives who orchestrate power-hungry buyouts of weaker or smaller institutions - while really meaningful governmental regulation of such practices, particularly the unproductive, speculative betting on that tremendous global derivatives market, has predictably been nearly scrapped altogether thanks to the coordinated efforts of a mutually vested coalition of oligarchs, financiers, bosses, workers, welfare queens, con artists, lobbyists, pundits and politicians who promote the singular national socialist interests of what I call the Business-As-Usual (or BAU) Party. Which just proves there is little 'political difference' between 'opposite sides' of a table heaped with easy loot when it comes to stabilizing its legs by the shear largesse of their huge fat-cat asses. Still, though it runs contrary to common misperceptions of Democrats as being 'tax and spenders,' a summary of deficits at  and clearly shows all significant increases occurred during 'don't tax, borrow; so spend more later' Republican administrations since Ike's. Likewise, one needn't browse further than a few other pages to confirm both its full hypocrisy and price - where it's clear enough that seven years of tax cuts during our quagmire of a two-front war cost about 3-4 times the initial dollar count of this financial bailout. Which means borrowed money that otherwise, say, might had instead just paid-off Saddam (without phony 'WMD' disintelligence) to step down while his re-organized army established a relatively stable democracy with a still prosperous infrastructure, while our troops sensibly targeted the Al-Qaeda/Taliban alliance in Afghanistan. Which further might still have saved enough money to buy cheap barrels to supply, if not literally store, at least a year's worth of a true 'national oil reserve' for any future domestic emergency use. Or any savings could have better financed testing and preparing for greener alternative energy sources - most crucially by directly updating of our decaying infrastructure of public works (be it reserves, highways, levees, energy grids or manufacturing).

Speaking of which, it's quite pertinent that for years in the 19th century a government financed public works project was awarded to a firm that was then given a formal Charter - which yet was automatically revoked once the project was completed after being assessed by a government authority. In other words, a Government Charter went to the firm that assured the best work for the lowest bid, insuring that public government would benefit and get what were paying for. The firms that did the best work of course went on to be re-chartered for multiple projects and grew into large reputable, highly profitable companies which then tended to dominate their particular niche. So eventually each established firm was vested a permanent Corporate Charter, as mandated when shares in it's stock were publically traded on Wall Street. Thus a nepotism arose between government representatives, corporate contractors, trading houses, banks and folks who had cash to invest - establishing a schism between 'financial incentive' and the 'public good.' Which was somewhat reversed by the reforms and oversight regulations put in place during FDR's term after the 1929 crash was brought on by over extended expectations of easy wealth during the 'Roaring 20s.' Does this sound familiar kids?

In any case, focusing on fallacies of recent war-mongering, deficit spending or systemic decay is doomed to failure by the hypocritical political expediency and forces that fosters not understanding the underlying history and pitfalls of international banking and our privately-held Federal Reserve system, damning any minority who might, does or tries. Which is all explained, with details for a comparable working resolution, in Paul Grignon's excellent 45-minute video Money as Debt For basically, the Federal Reserve monopoly on printing money is backed by... well, nothing... except credit. Which means banks charge the U.S. public to loan the U.S. government our own money - just like anyone else. (This irony has been recently  exploited by any number of witty commentators in mid-2010 - who point out the absurdity of the initial interest-free taxpayer bail-out to an ever more consolidated consortium of [fewer] U.S. banks, which subsequently furthermore can now borrow money from the Fed at .5% interest, and then loan it back to the government [in order to ostensively help 'pay off 'our national debt] at a rate of ~3% interest!) Or if one has more time, you can go to and watch a free 3.5 hour documentary of a DVD set The Money Masters outlining a more detailed secret history of money-lending, international banking and U.S. finances leading up to and beyond the stealthy establishment of the Federal Reserve Act in the evening of 12/24/1913. Which supplanted the constitutional authority of the U.S. Congress to print money ever since that crappy Christmas eve. Yet this story is as coherently-chronicled, sans video, in Joan Veon's shorter 3000-word essay at Likewise, anyone seeking an account of the two men and their works who contributed a lion's share to economic theory and practices which forewarned of the common flaws that gave rise to both Wall Street collapses of 1929, as well as 2008, is directed to a synopsis called Understanding the Crises at

4b2: Warfare, Watergate and Ed Muskie's 1974 Congressional Report on Governmental Gutting by  Corporate Controlled Banking Interests: One of my favorite bar questions concerns the rather familiar topic of the Watergate Break-In ordered by Richard Nixon that led to his resignation. The question is this: What were the 'Watergate burglars' looking for? One could go on to also ask if they found it - that answer being no, they didn't find what they thought was in DNC chairman Larry O'Brian's office in that complex at all. Which just makes the real question more meaningful; though you'd never know it judging by the typical response of even most of us old farts who followed this psychodrama unto Woodward and Bernstein's revelations. So, let's re-ask: do you know or remember what the Watergate 'plumbing crew' expected to find? The answer is they suspected that O'Brian's safe had some 'dirt' on who originally was considered the Democratic front-runner for the 72-nomination, Edmund Muskie of Maine. But then the quandary arises as to what advantages dirty old Tricky Dick envisioned when he employed political smarts this time around. For it ironically would have been far easier if he'd done nothing except stick his trick dick up his own dirty ass and just let the natural gung-ho patriotism of the American people decide his 2nd election. Though Dick's unit of dirty plumbers turned up nothing significant on Muskie, the point of the break-in was merely to find a trump card to hold over Muskie if he posed a real threat to the nomination of George McGovern, that "pinko" anti-war candidate who Nixon knew the public would never identify with in a month of Sundays. Meanwhile, liberals and student protesters lamely deluded themselves that McGovern somehow stood a better chance at being elected and stopping the Vietnam war just because he ran on 'their platform' as a principled antiwar candidate, who accepted the conclusion of the 'Pentagon Papers' that the 'Gulf of Tonkin incident' was a complete ruse meant to justify our greater involvement in that fiasco.

Which is precisely analogous to how the acronym 'WMD' entered  our vocabulary just to accuse Saddam of possessing them as a pretext to invade Iraq. So, are you aware of a so-called "joke" the Pentagon generals told (their ex-commander and later [un-"swift-boat"-able] democratic candidate) Wesley Clark (who apparently saved this 'humorous news' for the Jon Stewart show) the day after 9-11? For the punch-line basically revealed these generals knew the brunt of our response was going to be directed at Iraq, not bin Laden. [Their reasoning surely didn't come from Nostradamus's two references to attacks on the "New {York}City," where the one warning of a birdlike assault from the sky says rivers will run red, though implies they'll never catch the those responsible for all the bloodshed. (OK, Obama's team  finally assassinated Osama Bin Laden, but his Wahabist legacy of el-Qaeda and the Taliban are surely still turning rivers red.) Yet this surely doesn't mean you don't go after the gang who attacks you, which certainly weren't Iraqi thugs either.] Thank God these generals weren't as easily deluded as the media, public and congress in regard to predictions based on some sort of solid evidence, which sure as hell weren't fabrications about nuclear facilities made by some Iraqi cab driver grinding Saddam's beheading ax. But there's a bigger lesson that extends beyond the fact that so-called "intelligence agencies" are not in the business of gathering  'top secret information' meant for public dissemination in the first place. For while identities of your sources, technological secrets, sensitive logistical data and such can't be divulged (unless it counters an 'executive privilege' to out a certain CIA analyst married to an ambassador to a uranium producing country), the classification of much of what is disseminated as information purposely is in actuality disinformation. Which is most egregiously employed when the info in question involves political decisions that at once must mask the real facts and motivations for making them. Though manufactured disinformation is hardly limited to the formal executive political sphere, variations of this ruse has been employed as a prod to stir public support for the majority of our wars.

For instance, though I believe it to be the one justifiable instance where some sort of drastic catalyst was necessary to overcome the overwhelming isolationist sentiments after the fascist Axis was already assaulting our European allies - I personally happen to be privy to likely the most detailed transcription, both from our, and the Japanese military perspective, of the Pearl Harbor attack - the said catalyst that FDR and the military knew about it beforehand. But just as the Japs' didn't know we'd broken the intercepted code forewarning their attack, we weren't aware of three secret weapons that helped sink all those (useless) battleships that lie next to the Arizona memorial in the harbor. Yet few researchers seem to recognize the more evident implication that the few (indispensible) aircraft carriers there then must have purposely been out in the Pacific on maneuvers. 

In any case, while surely Nixon would have threatened Woodward and Bernstein's source 'Deep Throat' if had it been revealed, these journalists faced no repercussions like the two fellows charged with espionage for leaking the Pentagon Papers. So I'll share another aside that illustrates the lengths authorities resorted to when interrogating Daniel Ellsberg's 'partner in crime,' Tony Russo. For I met Tony one night shortly after I first moved to Berkeley, chatting with him while smoking a number of joints with a friend from La Jolla who was travelling thru town in his 'mota' fueled hippy van (no Woody, we're talking Mexican slang, not some hemp powered vehicle, you clown, he bought gas with  drug money.). So Tony began sharing  his horror stories with us, notably the most harrowing experience of having his fingernails splintered and/or removed by the San Francisco Police (undoubtedly under orders from, so as to not be directly tortured by, federal agents) after verbal interrogation failed to answer their specific concerns. Thus, Tony went on to share all this paranoia about being followed everywhere he went. Which was in the following sense confirmed the next day after he and my friend left my pad to hide Tony's car nearer my girlfriend's then-empty apartment (which soon became my residence after she moved up-stairs, in the same building where the Pentagon Papers were originally hidden!) six blocks away. Where they spent the rest of the night smoking up an entire ounce of pot, though no degree of stone alone can account for why it took them over two hours to find Russo's car in the morning - as he was at that time at least clearly the most paranoid individual, as well as the bravest and most ballsy literal 'war hero,' I'd ever met.

Still, lies about the Gulf of Tonkin incident alone would never have led to Nixon's resignation without the journalistic exposes on the Watergate break-in. And though it now seems somewhat unclear (to me at least, so I welcome any comments that might refresh my recollections) how McGovern managed to wrest the nomination amidst all this controversy, the one fellow none of this was lost on was Ed Muskie. Which brings back us to the subject at hand, though I was unaware of Muskie's response until my old friend JR filled me in on this and some related stories that clarify certain issues we've independently been personally involved with since the same era. Anyway, as the focus of the Watergate shenanigans, as well as a loyal Democrat, Muskie had to be extremely pissed off when McGovern lost the 72-election by the biggest landslide in history, confirming what a gross mistake the democrats made by not choosing Ed instead.  Although Muskie's response to this is an indisputable matter of public record, I surely was not the only one who was unaware of Muskie's resultant 1974 Congressional Report, since it seems to have been purposely suppressed due to its too-astutely revealing conclusions. In any case, this indispensible 418 page document is presently only available on microfiche, of which we here make web-available thanks to John's gracious 18 page typewritten pdf transcription of its Introduction called the DISCLOSURE OF CORPORATE OWNERSHIP.pdf. It's conclusions were originally outlined in the Congressional Record prior to the full 1974 Senate Hearings by Sen. Metcalf, which is further included here as a preface to John's updated comments based around what Wikipedia covers on some basics of Corporate Governance, as well as it's article on the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act - all viewable by clicking On Muskie's Senate Document.

The brunt of Muskie's report details the tactics by which powerful moneyed interests and their economic shills in banks had infiltrated and controlled nearly every aspect of corporate structure by the early 70s. Of particular interest (in light of Gore Vidal's earlier comments) is the extent of how central the media was with respect to suppressing exposure of their financial clout, as well as its importance to maintaining orderly control of public and governmental interests. In any case, the central mechanism employed by the oligarchs of this hierarchy was a calculated effort to gain control of the Corporate Charters of the better financially established companies by appointing a few individuals from banking or brokerage interests favored by large institutional investors (such as pension/mutual/hedge funds, investor groups, banks and insurance companies) to each Board of Directors. Few shareholders will argue with those responsible for maximizing their holdings in their collective business, especially if given (at least some of) the financial breaks institutional investors get when the company has to borrow some cash to expand its grip. Smaller or competing companies on the other hand are relatively left on their own to finance their efforts, which means venture capitalists need larger amounts of capital funding obtained by either by selling new shares or borrowing from some bank (or larger, competing company), at generally a higher interest rate. Thus, given this advantage, institutional investors and stronger, established firms end up pressuring buy-outs of profitable competitors as they consolidate into fewer mega-institutions, at once down-sizing the domestic labor pool and quality for cheaper pastures elsewhere. So furthermore, while most businesses anywhere make tangible products which are sold to and consumed by real people, the higher profits go to fat-cat oligarchs, institutional investors and a banking system that produces nothing other than printed money, that itself has been backed by no worthy objective standard since Nixon's era.

4b3: Summary of Present Financial Crises with respect to a Reformed, Reregulated and Accountable Capitalist Financial System - The easiest remedy for the accumulated ills outlined by the Muskie report would be to reopen (closer to what was originally mandated) corporate charter to public view available on the internet,  spelling out the major controlling interests and their implementation with respect to the 'nominee list'  of "front men and institutions" representing appointees to the board of directors and their various affiliations (see JR's concluding comments in On Muskie's Doc.). Which immediately addresses a simple reform with respect to accountability with little need for political sparring over economic ideology or adjustments.

However, given the bonuses awarded to CEOs and banking executives after the huge Bush-Obama bailout of large banks, insurance and brokerage houses allowed them to profitably buy out failed competitors at bargain-basement prices, a reform of corporate charter alone seems a bit naive, however crucial to a principled and necessary grounding. For rather than letting the more inept financial institutions be pared down, collapse or be bought up under reregulated free market principles, the Bush administration actively initiated an unrestrained bailout of selected financial institutions deemed as being 'too big to fail.' Which therefore accelerated the trend of transferring the remaining assets of less favorable institutions into the hands of now larger bank, brokerage or insurance firms preferred by the ultra-rich and institutional investors - in accord with the precocious 35 year old Muskie study.  And while Obama and Geithner may have initially meant to contain rewarding the executives and companies that had been bolstered to profit at public expense, again any borrowed cash is being returned to the treasury in order to maintain such privileges as huge executive bonuses for the CEO and and choice executives for a now larger conglomerate (like BOA's acquisition of Merrill-Lynch). Yet the point of the bailout ostensively was to stimulate a drastically failing economy that had become increasingly dependent upon the health of the financial giants - so just because both are presently doing OK and apparently recovering is certainly no reason for optimism if nothing has changed. For one shouldn't forget it was financial deregulation that not only led to the raft of sub-prime mortgages that precipitated the self-wrought collapse of US banks, but drove the ever more threatening global surge of speculative trading in the humongous derivatives or financial insurance market. Not to mention that unrestrained capitalist principles seems to dictate that only individuals and smaller businesses abide by strict free-market rules of hard work and competition. Which just ends up bolstering the proletarian working order while transferring their assets to coffers of larger businesses and financiers who have a firm capital base to promote this free market ruse, while the beneficiaries have no compunction to apply this myth to their National Socialist roots where elite are sheltered from self-wrought failure by complicit federal support or market management financed by huge tax-payer bailouts.

This sham has been so effective, yet is so obvious, that it makes you question whether it confirms or negates the Peter Principle that one rises in any hierarchy to just the level of their own incompetence - or whether they keep rising and are rewarded because of  it, which naturally increases their vain blindness and  greedy incompetence. But of course one must return to earth eventually unless they are capable of an accelerated jump beyond the escape velocity of its gravitational field. Which means these problems are recognized by, or have confirmed, long-held suspicions of any number of prominent economists and analysts spanning the wings of the political spectrum (it's no mere coincidence that Libertarian Ron Paul's best congressional friend was the 'radically' anti-BAUist Progressive Dennis Kucinich, who really understands economics.) Most notably, Nobel laureate and former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz believes that the present recovery probably represents just the first leg of a 'W' shaped recovery, or rather, double-dip recession. As chronicled by a 9-09 article at, Stiglitz states that banking problems are now bigger that the pre-Lehman Brothers collapse precisely because “In the U.S. and many other countries, the too-big-to-fail banks have become even bigger,”  and so concludes that “The problems are worse than they were in 2007 before the crisis.” Stiglitz therefore joins Bank of Israel head Stanley Fisher, along with former Federal Reserve Chairman, and Obama administration advisor, Paul Volcker in concluding that the worst is yet to come unless the megabanks are downsized and reregulated in a manner that addresses the real underlying problems. So the article concludes that "while Obama wants to name some banks as 'systemically important' and subject them to stricter oversight, his plan wouldn’t force them to shrink or simplify their structure." Predicatively, stricter oversight of megabanks has evaporated  thanks to the BAUist collusion of moderate Democrats and the brand new Republican controlled Congress which approved  the 'Citibank written 2015 Budget  Bill'  having deregulated the minimum Dodd-Frank controls, now allowing banks to again profitably speculate on derivatives with their depositors money with new assurances of a tax-payer funded bailout in case the bank fails amidst a repeat of the 1929, 2007-8 crises!!

A relevant analysis from offers some interesting international developments with regard to the fragility of the worlds banking system in the face the bankruptcy of a small country like Dubai, as well as discussing the lengths various countries like China and India (both are backing their currencies by buying gold supplied by the IMF, backfiring on their expectations) are taking with respect to a potential collapse of the dollar.  In short, the article is titled Recent World Events Indicate Impending Market Chaos. Wouldn't you say it's about time folks evaluate their petty partisanship and rationally address the real problems we face?  We're leading up to discussing a remarkable existing technology that could supply all the clean energy we need, renew the environment, and reestablish a truly vibrant economy within maybe five to ten years. Yet I don't believe the greedy oligarchs, craven power-brokers and existing market self-interests will allow it - exploiting the existing sloth, ignorance, vanity and clueless hypocrisy of the proletariat via time-tested repression, suppression and depression being so much easier and narcissistically lucrative.

4c-5: Unified Systems Analysis and Rational Synthetic Solutions versus the Polytrix of Problems resulting from Power, Greed, Political Self-Interest, Manipulation/Hypocrisy, Patchwork Pseudo-Solutions, Trivial Pursuits, and Repression-Suppression Inflation-Deflation Depression; so Deeper Problems - Your Choice (or is it?):

4c1-5a: Do You Notice Hypocrisy, especially your own? So the question arises whether reconciling all these problems and interests has reached a point of no return? Yet while the depth of this rational degeneration in addressing these rather glaring  problems continues to surprise the most jaded observers like myself, I've figured for well over 20 years that the oligarchs, military/industrial complex, energy companies, media barons, financial institutions politicians would soon enough have put everyone but they over that inescapable barrel for good - either bleeding the masses dry with sworn life-long allegiance to this bloodsucking system so the scared sheeplings can live in comfort and warm subservience for a few more days. For example, in order to bolster American car manufacturers who'd already lost the innovational fuel standard battle to Japan, soccer moms were persuaded to buy huge Canyoneros by a corporate sponsored government that classified gas-guzzling SUVs as light trucks, with less than half of the energy-inefficient 4-wheel drive models ever being used even once. Which serves the flaggots right for their limited memories in voting for Bush after buying these road-raging menaces and plastering them with flags and ribbons to display solidarity with our troops, or, rather, how strong it make them feel to be patriotic tools of this polytrix, before these cell-phone obsessed idiots destroy their vehicle, if not themselves or other more innocent drivers. But with most days of cheap gasoline behind them [well again plummeting now in 12-14], the bluster of war pales less easily when one somehow can't connect a spiraling deficit with a need for a perceived strong leader who backs the latest environmental or energy diversion, like, say, off-shore drilling. Yet again there's more fracking shale oil in the Bakken formation in Dakotas and Wyoming than rest of US combined, which has now by 2015 become quite profitable and a hot fracking topic of public interest that has usurped off-shore drilling. Which ironically helps obscure the fact that Halliburton had just bought into the very technologies that created and have failed in cleaning up the BP oil spill in the gulf that has already and indefinitely killed off most shrimp and fishing throughout the area, in turn poisoning a raft of communities, with the intent of building the worlds largest oil refinery in their place (which only cost BP 200 grand with a guarantee of no possibility of further criminal fines!).

Yet more importantly, let's just ask if you notice and  remember hypocrisy. Like, say, when a politician like John McCain is against ocean drilling, then suddenly promotes it after Hess, the company that has most to gain pumping Gulf oil, orchestrates a deal with oil lobbyists to pump money into his campaign. Or worse, when a former so-called POW 'hero' changes his beliefs to break Nuremburg accords, Army field manual rules, International Law, and guts our Constitution to support torturing suspected POWs [but just backed off a little after the  12-14 release of the congressional  report on CIA torture] and stronger executive power for an outgoing presidency, envisioning himself as his successor? So can anyone please tell me which war McCain was referring to that's worth fighting indefinitely till "we win." Was/is/will it be in/with Nam, Iraq, Iran, al-Qaida, Russia; and is this a crusade over territory, communism, dictators, religion, WMDs, oil-gas-energy, drug or economic trade? Hell, it pares down to asking who is this "we" anyway? Is it as in "you and I" and "we the people." Or is it as in the "US Government with ever bigger military fueled by an insatiable fat-cat Corporate Industrial Complex"  - like in "me and me arm-candy Cindy" - who'd probably both would have sucked my once deadly bleeding hep C infected dick if it would have been the only thing that'd net them control of the Republican Party. Speaking of parties, like Nader, I think our 2-party system is largely a deluded, illusionary ruse and more of a 1-Party System of splintered self-interests or coalitions that I call the BAUist, where BAU stands again for Business-As-Usual, which I referred to earlier. (So party on John, party on Wayne, party on Garth, as I've heard some party's on. But if this party sounds like so much fun, then answer me this riddle: if John, Wayne and Garth are the respective first, middle and surnames of three suspects, which one is invariably the murderer or serial killer? Answer: You're so dumb you'd surely take Wayne to this party, since it'd precede your funeral! Or if given a second chance again at your funeral party, you'd try to blow him if just to brag "I blew the head of his cock till he got off, when then he blew my head off!!" Truly, News of the Weird periodically reports that the middle name of a disporsionate amount of murderers is Wayne.) So this ruse perpetuates trivialized political diversions that keeps folks arguing about the depth of the environmental or energy crises who would rarely admit to their complicity in fermenting it even if they were. Such as the fact that any 'off-shore US' or [Canadian 'tar sand']  oil is just as likely to end up in China as here - a pure scam media diversion aimed amid the '08 political conventions that would lead to no net difference in US pricing (unlike Carter's energy initiative which initially sold domestic reserves to stabilize prices before increasing it as a wind-fall tax kicked in).

After all, the lighter SUV standards accelerated when Al Gore was vice president, with all his shares of Occidental Oil held in a blind trust. Whereupon after losing the presidency in 2000, he resumed his flighty interest in environmental issues culminating with all those accolades about global warming - as if that's the sole focus for a real environmentalist. And even if it was the only issue, it would just boil down to a CO2 build-up, which gives critics minimal validation for skepticism since we could only need to maybe plant more trees, though photo-plankton in oceans re-supplies far more oxygen. But that's all a pipe dream when moneyed interests are cutting down or burning off CO2 oozing rain forests, while plankton die-off was acerbated by a growing hole in upper polar ozone layer caused largely by other gases, like in old deodorant cans. So CO2 is only part of the problem as besides this there exists a subtly related issue of 'global dimming' due to the soot, smoke and clouds. A recent Nova commentary followed the research of a fellow who calculated that the lack of jet trails just in the few days following 9-11 led to an astounding 2 degree increase in warming across the US since white jet clouds counter-balance CO2 build-up by cooling the atmosphere as solar energy is reflected back into space. But how could one think delicate issues like this can be comprehended by a trivialized  media which condones democratic 'debate' between folks who never anticipated the disastrous global results of SUVs and seem as clueless about their last lazy, self-serving, electoral choices; or worse yet, as Jay Leno demonstrated every week, when most can't even tell you "who is buried in Grants Tomb." In either case, the ruse of a 2-party system seems to reduce to a variation of this old joke: two old ladies are driving by a field where they see a fag screwing another queer. One biddy says to the other "oh, they must be democrats." So the other asks "how do you know that" - "cause," she responds, "if they were republicans they'd be fucking everybody!"

4c2-5b: My Synthetic History- But in the 1970's, I was not nearly as jaded. For though no less aware of such issues than now, I held more hope for a cogent reconciliation or conscious synthesis, which I had reason to believe was possible, if not exactly probable. For I was fortunate to have been working with a number of the best mentors one could imagine. Which began for the story at hand shortly after college, when I impressed population biologist Mike Gilpin by my knowledge of Wynne-Edwards' seminal work on group selection. For despite never  having taken any course in fruit fly genetics by Mike, he asked me to co-edit Carr-Saunder's 1922 classic The Human Population Problem, who Wynne-Edwards credits in a postscript as predating his ideas. (Oxford wouldn't relinquish copyrights for a paperback, so its off to a university library if anyone wishes to read the best and oldest resource on the population issue.). In any case, this background came in handy after moving to Berkeley and being introduced to Arthur Young, inventor of the helicopter stabilization mechanism for Bell labs. (Weird footnote: Arthur was Veblen's sole grad student for 3-years, I knew him well, yet never told him I was motivated [by another genius, which likely was one reason I never mentioned an intent] to write a book on projective geometry.) Anyway, Arthur's creative genius is really revealed in what he called the theory of process (check out Which is basically a novel, revolutionary synthetic system integrating dimensional/physical analysis, learning theory and consciousness within a broadened view of evolution (as further anthropologically is reflected in the majority of world myths) that spans particulate, atomic, molecular, cellular morphology in plants, animal development and human history awkwardly lurching toward a higher level of fuller freedom. It follows that evolutionary process in Arthur's view was first and foremost a theory of symmetry constraints, its degrees of freedom defining the respective level of process. For example, plant cells have one degree of radial freedom that grows upward towards light (or other energy source) and downward toward water, as compared to a dead molecular aggregate; while animals evolutionarily develop a bilateral symmetry as they search the earth's surface for food and sustenance.

What objectively impressed me about Arthur's approach was the potentiality to firmly address an issue that had greatly bugged me since reading Hegel's damned dialectics, which sprung both the Marxist and Fascist ideations from which our world is still reeling. Basically, as I still see it, the real underlying problem was the schism that had long before developed between the two schools of thought which arose from Socrates ashes in Aristotle's natural empirical materialism/observation and Plato's absolutist ideations, as the later is reflected in, say, St. Augustine's pie-in-the-sky fairytales for the Roman Church. Still, it's not that either school doesn't have a firm foundation based on respective fundamental principles, but rather the fact that a true Socratic dialectic or argument begins with a theses, followed by an antithesis with a clear vision that neither is reconcilable without a final synthesis between the more dogmatic principles of thesis/antithesis alone, or then basically, never-ending arguments. And Arthur's vision, if anything, is clearly synthetic and certainly paled anything taught at UCB down the street from his Center for the Study of Consciousness. (Another oddity was  I seemed to be the only psychologist in this circle, and surely the only one who'd 'worked on myself' with equally masterful Jungian and Reichian depth practitioners.) In this respect, it should at least be said as a timely example that Arthur's theory of learning integrates and transcends both operant (behaviorist or Skinnerian) and respondent (autonomic or Pavlovian) conditioning, in a similar manner by which his theory of process integrates or transcends nature and/or nurture per se. In any case, the synthesis of such normally divergent views contrasts with the relatively uncreative or linear view of a so-called 'higher education' divorced from deeper meaning or (even definitional, ontological or epistemological) absolutes - as sacrificed on the alter of an eternal fragmented learning by rote argument stripped clean of meaning for the mere sake of some job, social reward (such as a managerial or tenured position), or just another pet patchwork of an excuse for an argument.

Note: in this respect, I'm again exceedingly lucky to have gone to Revelle college at UCSD with its unique blend of a 'Renaissance education.' And though a balanced curriculum of hard math, the major sciences, humanities [literature, philosophy, history, etc.], a language and the arts remains intact, a couple of my ex-professors already lamented the change in their new class of student ducklings who suddenly expected to all be rich medical doctors (quack, quack); soon followed by the first nerd herd of computer programmers. [My profs. didn't know any more about punching Fortran (or other precursor to 'Basic') into cards for a mainframe than I did. But at least I used the thing for testing brain-waves, biofeedback and martial arts {led by my high school sensi and later colleague, Les Ingber, who was also on the physics faculty}]. As my Jungian analyst (and so the fellow that gave me that pre-publication of Thomas's Gospel) put it - such learning is similar to the rote teaching of Zen as the Art of Imitating the Ineffable - for a little study revealed the enlightenment of the original master for every school of Zen had him running down the street screaming heuristic babble like "Eureka" - before it was instead adapted into a highly controlled methodology better fit for student sheep. Which simply implies there's no gain of greater consciousness by merely imitating what you 'think' that may be - ala Descartes idiotic dictum "I think, therefore I am" - as if a baby isn't closer to 'pure being' before its psyche or ego is literally shaped to 'think properly' in a Cartesian manner! Likewise, when Jesus said "the road to heaven is being like a child," what he meant was the road to fuller consciousness or reasoning is first and foremost direct, so open to, experience - not a vain skepticism of some easier, less gut-wrenching, solely mental or physical training. In fact, gnosis must 'trick one's mind' out of its "self-perceived identity" by what the dolphin psychologist, depth practitioner and fellow Gurdjieffian Gnostic, John Lily, called "meta-programming your bio-computer" - as opposed to a 'seemingly chosen' programming representing a relatively entrenched system of habits and socially enforced beliefs - while 'naturally' contingent upon your genetic predispositions or abilities, is imparted by [hopefully, better] 'nurturers' like one's parents or latter-day teachers; who more often 'shelter to prepare' one for 'hard experience' in this era of the ideal conservative/socialist Nanny-State. [Most children normally have acquiesced to such "don't dear, that's bad" 'programming for approval' around the 1st grade, which developmentally started in potty training and relentless numbing of any curious behavior by parental dictums of conformity prefaced by "no" and "don't".] It follows this pervasive conditioning process entails a number of subtle issues that Prussian-style schooling alone can't fully account for, yet certainly re-enforces - as even Gallo's scholarship can't surpass Wilhelm Reich's classic The Mass Psychology of Fascism, a manuscript that no doubt precipitated his eerily ironic inevitable death in some US prison for his 'crime' of promoting non-AMA approved human experiments with his 'orgone box.'

In any case, Arthur's insights covers all facets of these above issues and integrates them within an accessible academic and scientific framework or language. Which is not to say, however, that everybody felt that his theory of process was a complete dialectical synthesis of natural scientific philosophy. Indeed,  JR at least aligned with me in anticipating  that the brunt of this issue owed not only to the general  academic philosophical failure to appreciate neo-Socratic wisdom, but a specific  failure to incorporate anything like Wynne-Edwards ideas into the evolutionary element of process theory. Luckily, we were soon joined by a more prestigious Austrian fellow named Eric Jantsch, who took to hanging out with me for apparent reasons when he visited his Berkeley pad. Indeed, Eric had an impressive resume; foremost as a founder of the Club of Rome, which did the first global analysis of the play-offs between the major independent variables of resources, energy and population (explaining our common interest in regard to Carr-Saunders and Wynne-Edwards original work, amongst other things) with future projections effecting society, analogous to what is now an annual State of the World study. But just as importantly, he wrote the first texts outlining what's probably best called a 'unified systems theory,' which emphasized an evolutionary analysis based on self-organizing principles amidst non-equilibrium (thermodynamic) environments (ala chaos theory), as articulated by his close colleague llya Prigogine. It follows that Eric naturally supported my interest mapping Arthur's levels of process in terms of corresponding boundary constraints, in addition those of symmetry alone - just as Darwinian individual selection molded Mendelian genetics in defining basic bio-evolutionary principle. Which individually competes and/or contrasts with the population dynamics determined by the more altruistic needs of group selection, starting with snails at the animal evolutionary level, where cultural selection follows at the human stage. [Oh, guess I covered this already in my Story of Fire rant, so now you can at least know what I was talking about as well as hopefully appreciate that there's usually a multifest method to my ranting madness. Incidentally, the 'play-off' {and/or 'pay-off'!} between individual and group interests is now literally testable, both mathematically by computers and/or with human subjects, in game theory (though most nerds, game and film makers, and ordinary players are content with the old shoot-em-ups and special effects, which, to be fair, most of the better films at least do emphasize the evolutionary play-offs as well.).] Yet such a critique of  Arthur's particular views is only useful in regard to a broader unified scheme of evolutionary development as natural philosophy. Likewise, the background here serves to help illustrate my personal history and authority with respect to the greater issue before us - which is how, in the name of God, might mankind reconcile all of the above problems and contradictory ends in a manner that can re-impart a modicum of hope for a fully sensible collective solution or synthetic outcome? 

4d-5c: A Single (and already Proven) Working Solution for Nearly All Impending Problems for a  Clean, Cheap and Sustainable Energy Source Powering a Vibrant New World Economy - Robert Bussard's Inertial Electrostatic Fusion:

Around the last time Eric visited town, I became aware of a global analysis by cosmologist Fred Hoyle, which I, being no fan of steady-state physics, have considered ever since to be his more important legacy. Hoyle introduced the interesting nuance of dividing energy into two categories: clumping unrenewable and renewable sources together (with little regard for safety), except for case of a clean and virtually unlimited source of cheap energy in thermonuclear fusion - quite natural, given his far less-contested major astronomical contributions to solar dynamics (yet also fueled a lasting debate about 'anthropic principles.') Anyhow, Hoyle used a large computer to model a global system that basically inputted the effect that cheap fusion power would have on the other independent fixed variable of resources, as projected through the future century from the world of science and economics circa 1980. In a nut-shell, what he discovered was a unparalleled period of world economic growth would culminate around 2050 in a literal global socio-economic catastrophe as all the other resources (metals, water, plastics, etc.) necessary for sustainable growth would be over-exploited. So, with modern essentials exhausted &/or hoarded by an immensely rich capitalist class; it and/or they would surely kill off the rest of humanity, or at least reduce society to rubble, save rich enclaves. Which, if anything, would likely lead an over-populated planet to a rapidly under-populated dead zone in an inevitable catastrophe within a few years. Yet this mega-chaotic scenario seems to be remarkably similar, if not in degree and rapidity perhaps, to the present day neo-con wet dream of a perpetual oil war and corporate-state fusion that benefits a privileged few at the expense of many. Which perhaps suggests wealthy interests may have not exploited easy luxuries enough, using the potential power of fusion to first fuel a long, but still temporary, period of economic growth that could leave them literally owning everything of value left on, and including, the dead remains of hated old mother-earth. (Likewise, I've long-considered the 1974 movie Zardoz to be a most likely futuristic sci.-fi. scenario; though 2001 is my favorite film of any genre [yet would have never dreamt I'd be given the millennial Monolith, as if on queue with the first find on the moon!] Any interested party, might also check the similarly themed recent Robin Hood tale In Time cause this April foolish Joker also happens to know of a secret weapon that easily could allow any band of Merry Pranksters into and out of a bank or fat cat's home, with them or any loose loot in tow, and could at once disarm  any security forces or cops by a mechanism that even Batman himself couldn't thwart. [Meaning I want a piece of copyrights for any screen play that remotely uses this idea without prior consultation with me or I'll personally spend every dime I got left to either write my own true life apocalyptic docudrama, or make this weapon  and force you and whoever hired you to sign over all movie proceeds to me or some worthy global cause, under criminal liability to rot in jail otherwise! More likely if I actually had the weapon I'd loan it out to cells of me fellow droogs who'd delightfully film exploits like kidnapping the likes of the Koch brothers, along with maybe a few deserving political figures like 'little Dick' Cheney, tho his ticker ain't got that much time left, unlike the heroine's eternally youthful daddy that controls the time-bank racket in that movie. ] However, Mum and Allah-U confirm enough's been said about my predictions, predilections or personal myth since the real point here has less to do with me and much more to do with we.)

Yet whether or not Hoyle's projections of eventual resource over-exploitation are still valid in these trying times, we certainly don't need another 30+ years of fruitless 'research' taming fusion by toroidal magnetic confinement such as LBL's original 'tomamak,' or lesser claims such as 'cold fusion' championed by a smaller raft of self-professed scientific mavericks. However, judging by the big moneyed interests of various long established and ongoing government funded projects at universities and national laboratories, this huge magnetic boondoggle seems to be what the scientific consensus prefers - as if self-serving scientists, bureaucrats and hypocritical politicians, let alone private-sector industrialists, are all fully qualified authorities on global systems analysis to begin with. Indeed, one can confirm this suspicion by glancing at a copy of a free download of a Dec. 2009 pdf report compiled by the editors of Physics Today for at the Institute Of Physics we'll call PWFusion.pdf. In his last interview (see below) before his untimely death from cancer in Oct. 2007, former assistant director of the Atomic Energy Commission Robert Bussard summarizes the difficulties of overcoming this penchant for ignoring breakthrough discoveries by a scientific establishment obsessed with endlessly pursuing dead end big money projects such as building refined tomamaks: “You have to understand. The Department of Energy is running down the road of magnetic Maxwellian local equilibrium machines with huge budgets to keep their national laboratories alive. They not only have no interest other than that; they have an active antipathy to anything that might be small, quick, cheap and compete with that approach. It is important as Larry Lidsky of MIT said to keep the big budgets alive; to keep funding these places at 2M a day even as we speak.”

4d2-5c2:  Bussard's Inertial Electrostatic Confinement or Polywell Fusion: Now that the dangers inherent in such job obsessed human displays have been laid out on this newly illuminated table along with their heavy baggage, let's get down to the specifics of this allegorical solution that we have been alluding to. Which is to say we are talking about an already proven working method of containing real, hot fusion. So I urge all to cut the mustard and view the following November 2006 lecture by Dr. Bussard demonstrating his breakthrough polyhedral table-top design for inertial electrostatic confinement fusion at Any scientist or engineer might be especially interested in downloading the pdf transcription of Dr. Bussard's classic lecture on Inertial Electrostatic Fusion.pdf. Mark Duncan's introductory Abstract neatly summarizes the most pertinent issues thusly: "This is not your father's fusion reactor! Forget everything you know about conventional thinking on nuclear fusion: high-temperature plasmas, steam turbines, neutron radiation and even nuclear waste are a thing of the past. Goodbye thermonuclear fusion; hello inertial electrostatic confinement fusion (IEC), an old idea that's been made new. While the international community debates the fate of the politically-turmoiled $12 billion ITER (an experimental thermonuclear reactor), simple IEC reactors are being built as high-school science fair projects. Dr. Robert Bussard, former Asst. Director of the Atomic Energy Commission and founder of Energy Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2), has spent 17 years perfecting IEC, a fusion process that converts hydrogen and boron directly into electricity producing helium as the only waste product. Most of this work was funded by the Department of Defense, the details of which have been under seal... until now. Dr. Bussard will discuss his recent results and details of this potentially world-altering technology, whose conception dates back as far as 1924, and even includes a reactor design by Philo T. Farnsworth (inventor of the scanning television). Can a 100 MW fusion reactor be built for less than Google's annual electricity bill? Come see what's possible when you think outside the thermonuclear box and ignore the herd." Eleven months later Dr. Bussard died, where a few days later Tim Ventura published the following audio version of the Doc's final interview that Ventura had conducted for American Antigravity, which can be heard  by clicking But it's far easier to just read Robert Bussard's Last Interview.pdf as once again transcribed (and published for in 12-2007) by Mark Duncan, and which contains that previous quote.

In any case, although funds were assured before RB's demise (winning the 2006 technology of the year award from the Academy of Scientists surely helped give him well-earned prestige), further research and government funding at EMC2 has been coordinated by Dr. Richard Nebel who moved his team from San Diego to Los Alamos. Which proved to be a rather sad omen, as one might have expected given the military history of that lab, though we'll soon see it seems to have been already confirmed in terms of both military control and secrecy. The following is a chronological 2009 summary of  Updates on Polywell Fusion (that hadn't yet even hinted of this latter problem) - which is another name for IEC ("polywell" being a fusion of 'polygon' and 'potential well'). The design of each device itself is whimsically referred to as a "Wiffle-Ball," where each generation of a WB device ended with Bussard's successful WB-6 design, that then proceeded unto the WB-7 and WB-8 stages, as described in Updates. We'll add at least one further update as time progresses, the most potentially valuable of which was added to Updates in the spring of 2010. This exciting news concerns a project that naturally bypasses most of the many ingrained institutional biases and difficulties facing a rapid  development of such a vital technological breakthrough by means of an open source base for sharing the polywell device to anyone, and everybody, in our mixed up, down-troddened, world. This project was organized by a fellow whose blog can be accessed at - and furthermore organized a site dedicated to funding his, or any others, efforts to construct polywell reactors at We highly recommend  anyone who is seriously interested in promoting or exploring this vital base of open source information to join in this collective effort and head to this valuable resource. In researching this open source development, around the time I also was actually contacted by, and so joined, a  layman's group run by EMC2 itself,  I learned of a team of like-minded researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia who weren't constrained by classified military contracts and such. As outlined in the following introduction, its chief member, Dr. Joe Khachan, had not only built and tested a modified polywell device for the mere sum of 12 thousand dollars, but went on to publish the results in first scientific polywell paper in a number of years in May of 2010 in the Physics of Plasma Journal, which is reviewed here for anyone who clicks on Bussard-Khachan polywell 2011.doc.

Whatever hope one has for an open source development of a commercially feasible polywell fusion reactor, the fact remains that D. Nebel's team would have to be involved if the US were to benefit. Which I believe Dr. Bussard himself thought would have at least been commercially conceivable within a few years after 2013. The following long postponed update of EMC2'S project was compiled and emailed to me by my friend JR after we’d spoken on the phone about the regrettable post Jan the 1st 2012 info-blackout on the R&D aspects of Bussard's team after they’d moved from San Diego to Los Alamos. I say regrettable since most folks are well aware of what happened the last time a secret team of scientists had their project taken over by the military to use after the machine was tested at Los Alamos, so the Obama administration's rather sudden imposition of  a gag order certainly is disappointing as his original DOE chief was not only the first physicist who ever ran that department, but was undoubtedly aware of the polywell. However, as the dear doctor RB himself was well aware, cheap funding flies out the window when it comes to the horde of competing jobs in the academic world, especially in this era of anti-scientific political meddling where idiotic anti-global warming skepticism would rather fight against anybody even knowing about a viable solution to every environmental and economic problem we face, save of course the plutocrats, fat cats, and bankers control of the populace and all other resources. In any case, here's the Bussard Update2 '09-'12.doc.

Now, I'm very happy to report a much more encouraging update up to 2015.  For anyone who wishes to research further issues such as the footnotes and references referred to in the following paragraphs, you can simply go to the Wikipedia page at We needn't bother going on to discuss here any details of the updates with respect to such matters as the additional polywell projects being done in surprising places like Iran, nor new publications of the team in Sydney. But I am compelled to simply quote what follows the aptly called headline "Going Public:"

2014 In June 2014, EMC2 demonstrated for the first time that the electron cloud becomes diamagnetic in the center of a magnetic cusp configuration when beta is high, resolving an earlier conjecture.[18][21] Whether the plasma is thermalized or not remains to be demonstrated experimentally. These findings have been presented by the CEO Dr. Jaeyoung Park at UC Irvine.[89] UCLA,[90][91] University of Wisconsin Madison ,[92] University of Maryland,[93] the Annual 2014 Fusion Power Associates meeting [94] Princeton University and the 2014 IEC conference.

2015 On January 22, EMC2 presented this work at Microsoft Research.[95] EMC2 is now planning a three-year, $30 million commercial research program to prove the Polywell can work as a nuclear fusion power generator.[96]
For it obviously seems that someone at EMC2 may have finally been fed up n being nickle and dimed the military bureaucracy and decided to return to Dr. Bussard's original vision before the Navy refunded the project and moved them to Los Alamos. My speculations aside, this new collaboration with Microsoft Research certainly suggests the team its had decided to obtain some significant outside funding that should lead to practical commercial fusion reactor the near future, or at least before the planet is fried to death by fossil fueled gases.  Not to mention the huge economic benefits, and now with that Iranian revelation [which I was thinking about for ages now before this actual  blew my mind], political as well - though you can bet that banks, Wall Street, oil interests and political lethargy will fight anything tooth and nail that threatens their little piece of the Whole pie, and nothing but the whole.  I'm surprised Google didn't jump on the opportunity in '06-'7, but thank God some smart folks can still make a sensible, not to mention potentially hugely lucrative, bet.  That concludes our discussion tho of course additional updates will be given likely by the end of the year....

6: My Personal Reasons for the long Postponed Update of Rants and, eventually, this whole website

Anyway,  as a somewhat fitting conclusion to my long postponed update of  the Rants page per se, it's appropriate to now explain why it took me so long to summaries of EMC2's progress up to 2012, and now happily up to March 1015. For I had very good personal reasons that forced me to forgo refining or updating 241 for 4-5 years. Which began years before that when I contracted the hepatitis C virus in 1989 from a massive transfusion of tainted blood after a stabbing by a PMS hysteric ex-girlfriend shortly after my father died. Of course I didn't find out about the hep C for ten years, and would have forgone the crappy interferon treatment for it even if I had been insurable, especially after deciphering AJ's cosmic code, working 24-7 making unprecedented discoveries in intellectual/intuitive nirvana. So by 2010, though I still own my still somewhat depreciated home on 4 acres, along with now ever dwindling financial holdings [I should have at least half sold off well before W's and the Feds. ridiculous super low-interest loans bankrupted the world's economy], I finally found out about Obama's relatively affordable Pre-Existing Condition Insurance, which paid for most of my doctor bills for cataract surgery and tests awaiting a liver transplant that I finally received in June 2013, as well as a cheap double dose of the costly brand new miracle drugs, which killed the hep C virus within 2 of the 3 month treatment from the end of Feb. thru to May of 2014 [now buying Medicare since July 2014 at about the same price]. Anyway,  I always footed my own dental bills, setting up my pal Tony's practice with my original dentist Jim, before he bought his own office in Berkeley, where he discovered my teeth were rotting out at an alarming rate in 2009 - whereby I was confronted with the far cheaper monthly drive to and work of my and me fellow gypsy's new dentist in Tijuana Mexico.  In any case, though I still use O2 when working out, the operation made me leaner, but weaker, so had to pump up and am now getting progressively stronger, meaner, certainly healthier and as youthfully viral as when I had to drop my love life and any physical fitness routine to fully focus on my discoveries 15 years ago. Which also means I'm fairly optimistic about my personal life and work as a Gnostic master, not to say that either has yet materialized fully - which of course is the point here as the site update is hardly done, and even then anyone's timeline isn't over till, or even after, the proverbial fat lady has finished singing, after the curtain comes down and crushes her skull, where some hopefully slimmer and more deft young diva takes her place in the opera company.

Anyway, the more you learn, the more you live and value life, the more self-awareness and compassion you have, which is naturally optimistic in a fully cogent sense of a state where you are better adapted to facing problems head on, or rather more cunningly [in the same sense that I've held a trump card up my sleeve with respect to the final punch line of our update here, which in certain ways predates the whole premise of 241 per se]. Which is to say that  I'm progressively  learning to refine my emotional attitudes to reflect my conscious self-awareness of the tasks at hand and those that lie before me with respect to a more optimistic personal perspective, which at once actually deepens my naturally cynically jaded expectations conforming with most historical evidence that teaches one that the greater collective forces of others unconscious indifference, righteous control and pursuit of material gain will eventually vehemently oppose your teachings, where Schopenhauer's third and final stage of Universal Acceptance of a Self-Evident Truth is often only actualized long after you've likely been eliminated from the picture, like our fat lady in the sense that she was considered a legend in her own time, unlike the slim diva who could only imitate her ineffable range and  presentation.  But I'm just happy to be alive and resurrected before I've even reached witnessing Schopenhauer's first stage of Truth where it is ridiculed, though early on I did get a few tempered tastes of it from very same community I've been waiting years to confront! But for the most part I've been stuck in what amounts to the 'zeroed state' where 241's truths have been ignored for as long as this Rant page has been here, as we've already explained in minute detail!

So from what I can tell I've hardly been working much so as to live my wonderful life and will playfully and optimistically enjoy every moment of the path before me as fully as possible, recently listening every day to Dr. Dick's radio station's Dub Syndicate rendition of ML Kings last speech (in fact at his very moment it again came on while writing this sentence!), where he effectively predicts his assassination, knowing, like Moses, he has seeeen the promised land from the mountain top, though he might not get there with his people, but fearlessly thankfully to God  for showing him that someday they will.  Likewise, I've been ecstatic ever since I was handed 241's self-evident truths by grace of the almighty. Of course the stages of being ignored pissed me off, just as any future ridicule and hard-assed opposition will angrily make my blood boil ever hotter, just as any injustice or apocalyptic rape of the planet and its inhabitants must to any conscious human being. Which at once motivates my lazy slacker ass to pump up my martial instincts, knowing the self-evident truths I hold are powerful enough to overwhelm enough people's rational senses of well being to flatten any instinctual resistance. So though I'm personally very content to optimistically lay back and enjoy the moment as I playfully learn to more fluidly respond to whatever I'm facing, which further means I'm equally, though perhaps more nervously or awkwardly, looking forward to relishing the far less familiar experience of public or massive intellectual slaughter and cultural confrontation before someone literally blows my brains out with an old fashion bullet like poor Martin. Anyway, I read somewhere, well after I had a couple of prophetic drug induced visions of some enhanced magnitude, that predicted a similar fate for me as Dr. King's. However, that future could all equally could turn out to be a paranoid illusion despite the nearly certain abreaction in regards to what covert history teaches us about suppression of any new-fangled revolutionary consciousness. For I'm positive that reading at least had a lot to do with A.J. And hell I never found out that it was someone else who originally had him get a hold of me, where I  was previously assuming that perhaps I had written a letter to Dr. Behram Kursunoglu,  who'd organized the annual Coral Gables conferences, which I'd been loosely following since the late 70's and where I later met AJ face to face in Dec. 2000, who then directed me to AJ around 1986 or so. For though I'd met Robert Fitzpatrick and gave him my first piece of shit physics book when he was a Berkeley roommate of my long-time great mate Johann [who now lives in Perth], I'd long forgotten him until he contacted me on Thanksgiving day in 2013 and told me about the week he spent with him in Connecticut in the 80's, along with AJ's nephew Matt [who I still haven't met], though they are all high school buddies, along with my raft of Johan's friends, from nearby Del Mar. And knowing AJ was 10 years older than I and quite obese, I figured he was likely dead [and with all my problems hardly resolved, and hardly wanted, or had a reason, to bother him or his family]. And indeed after a short reply back, Robert confirmed my suspicions the next day by sending me the link for his obituary. Which I'll happily include here once I dig up the grave news as a wonderfully fitting conclusion to our Rants, since I never was even aware of AJ's contributions as an inventor, let alone how significant they are to this day in terms devices and apps we all use.

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