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An Overview of our Gambling Training with Respect to my Personal History as The World Authority on Telepathy, Precognition and Prophesy

 A: My Background in Regard to Psychic Phenomenon/Techniques, Magicians/Skeptics, Learning Theory, Experimental Design and the Statistical Parapsychological Analysis of Fred Blau

A1: Some Family History - My fraternal grandmother, Katherine Murray, died a few years before I was born yet had a profound effect upon on my destiny - perhaps the least of which being that my parents accordingly gave me a Celtic first and middle name in accord with her minority Irish bloodline as the sole descendent of the British Isles. Though I never knew Kate, her greatest legacy was hued by well-worn stories of her psychic abilities in regard to her children's, as well as her own, death.  For example, I had an uncle who died by throwing himself on a hand-grenade to save his comrades in the trenches of Europe during WWI. Though the family of course wasn't formally notified for some time, Kate caringly informed them of his heroic death well before any telegram arrived. Likewise, another son died as he was drug down trying to save some girlfriends who couldn't swim when their sailboat overturned on a trip to Lake Erie. And though this was nearer to home, again Kate informed the family of my other young uncle's death prior to receiving any official notification. Yet likely the most eerie, and true, 'ghost story' was confirmed by everyone in my family and involved the knowledge of her own death. Now, though her best friend had died a few days earlier while she was cogently laying in the (same) hospital (where I was later born), our family in LA spared her this sad info up unto on their last visit. Whereupon Kate asked those present if they'd sent flowers to her good friends funeral, and went on to inform them that this lady had come to her previously and told her they would be reunited the following day. Which was objectively confirmed as she died the day after that last visit.

Now, another type of rather pertinent stories I heard as a child involved my mother's best male childhood friend, Maurice Lenzer, who went on to be regarded as a least one of the best slight of hand artists or card magicians of his (and Houdini's) era. (Yet I couldn't find any mention of ML on the web without paying someone for the birth or school records in my mom's hometown ,or my cousin to drive there to research it for me. Which is a moot point in the sense that my mom's best childhood girlfriend later gave birth to Hall of Fame base-ball player and longtime Phillies announcer, Richie Ashburn - so if one looks at any of his b-ball cards you'll find the common hometown of my omother ther, Maurice and of course Ritchie.) For example, if Maurice shuffled a fresh unmarked deck of cards three times before he made the final cut, he could easily deal God's above artists rendition of 'Him' in a tux (loosely based on the famous image from the Sistine Chapel), who had just turned over that unbeatable royal high straight flush after betting our whole little world on the outcome. Or perhaps even more impressively, ML could just as well deal a potentially winning hand to four of, say six, players at the table if requested, as long as they of course first agree to divvy up the possible hands in an unambiguously honest fashion - where, say, four of the players  might request being respectively dealt four 9s, 8s, 7s and sixes in addition to a single possible dead card of choice, each hand of which would then individually beat that full house of 3 aces and 2 kings held by Zeus, as pictured on the left of the above image ironically titled "Playing God."  Which is in one sense is also akin to a completely random shuffle determined as if by a 'highly indifferent God,' yet in a more immediate sense is just a slight of hand trick where somebody like the dealer himself could make sure he was the he eventually won everyone's stake assuming he was a dishonest 'card shark' that didn't let an indifferent party play the role of the house. Meaning that Maurice of course was far too ethical to tarnish his reputation as a master card magician Which didn't mean he wouldn't play penny-anti poker with my folks and their friends when he was visiting LA - meaning he never touched his cards till after the deck was independently shuffled, cut and dealt by someone else who took the honest role of a house seriously, and also handled the money and chips (which I inherited sans any value as kept in a little bag stored in a cupboard in the den behind my bedroom here). ..... still building page ......

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