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The following is a general overview, chapter-by-chapter summary, replete with the basic chapters themselves outlining the unique physical knowledge and data in 241 Mumbers - the Definitive Data for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology, as well a short overview of its auxiliary text Projective Geometry and its Regional Subgeometries. In essence, these books establish a categorically consistent and complete finite system of `dimensionless' or 'numerically pure mumbers or membrane numbers,' the deepest tenets of geometry and the interfacing ['dimensional' or] metric principles of cosmological and particle physics. As such, 241-Mumbers constitutes the only precise, predictive, and so unified, Explanatory system that literally defines nearly every fundamental parameter in particle and cosmological physics.

Originally, I naturally thought that, given the rapidly expanding  so-called information highway, such a revolutionary system would be rather easy to generate more interest than my 1988 text on projective geometry. So, I figured I'd take my time with a few preliminary promotions while I spent about five years developing A.J. Meyer's model that I deciphered in terms of the dimensionless 'Monolithic system' while writing a  full length book, which we are about to summarize in a far briefer updated format  Which continually blew my mind as I made rapid progress making countless discoveries until 2005, when I realized that virtually no one was buying books any longer after a couple of national mailings. (I surely wasn't alone as the Rant's page outlines, thanks to Amazon.com and attempts by corporations like Microsoft  and Google to digitize everything in major academic libraries). So I indefinitely postponed  that idea about 4/5ths of the way through and still haven't finished the cosmology, so am strongly looking forward to exploring this subject (especially after having recently better  refined some quantum mechanical issues supporting a long pondered main hypothesis) after a fuller updated review of existing copy].) But I figured the internet might be of value to at least promote the website, so I spent the next few years refining it along with any necessary copy and writing a few articles backing up page 2's unprecedented proofs and other more important data in e-magazines in order to drum up some interest.  But then I was struck with jaded disgust by not only the lack of natural curiosity by those who seem to be incapable of recognizing self-evident proofs, but the almost complete cluelessness with respect to the importance of anything like even the Strings 2000 questions per se, let alone their solutions, which then seems that no one really expected could be answered! Indeed, it almost seems that the majority of the physicists avoid confronting a new paradigm shift by simply assuming such  fundamental questions will indefinitely remain unanswered and can only emerge in their publish or perish world of peer recognized journal publications, so typically pursue whatever  picayune personal interests that may have captured their attention in a relatively minor field of a too often half-thunk, half-bunk/half- junk, yet huge  hunk of theoretical conjecturing.  

Anyway, though I naturally initially expected more positive feedback, I understood the predominant skepticism of egg-head scientists from well before 2000. Indeed, once again even  by 2003, I'd experimented with enough initial promotions to suspect a large share of  resistance. And so, it's stated as much in the Preface with respect to Schopenhauer's 'Three Stages of Truth:'  - which starts with 1: being laughed at or Ridiculed, yet such heresy is too serious to take lightly, so then must be 2: violently Opposed until  the original truth becomes too obvious to deny and so only much later is 3: Accepted as being Self-Evident! However, I'm nevertheless still continually baffled by the fact I generally have no trouble personally explaining the major discoveries, along with any number of deep nuances, to most laymen I know or meet, especially now that I've refined my ability to articulate a succinct Explanatory Story of Universal Creation from 11D Quantum Gravity (see * in section II.) and make sure it is fully communicated at an interpersonal level in a manner that stimulates increased interest. Yet I then find that having written, refined and published this new updated material on the site over the last six months or so, I still get far more hits on old material like polywell fusion, and possibly one read out of over a hundred or more of just one of the five new essays summarizing this whole monumental system (and that's after a recent web article on the solution to the hierarchy problem concerning the Heavy and light Higgs, the former 'God particle' being still quite topical!).  So it hardly makes sense that after 15 years of being Ignored at a 'Zero Stage of  Truth,' that no more than a literal handful of physicists have actually read and seemed to recognize any such truths and proofs as being self-evident without some level of indifference, suspicion  or outright dismissal, however obvious it should have been.

Yet on the other hand I at once feel somewhat sorry for anybody who must realize that once the Monolith Solution is presented in some higher educational  forums and debated, at least  then an abreaction, whether it's ridiculed, opposed  or otherwise disputed,  would be far more understandable. For dreams of getting some Comparable Personal Meaning out of developing any similar Grand Theoretic pursuits (by anyone who at least doesn't take some lame, senseless idea like the 'unbounded past and future universe' of that over-rated knee jerk skeptic Steven Hawking as some sort of a role model), or the challenge of Empirically measuring things like quark masses by a group think sink of approximate methods and models, that I've already Proven on each of the first three pages here are grossly imprecise, seems to be a nearly hopeless goal to achieve. Optimistically, of course, they'll always be some need of both experiment and  theory, and never a shortage of important issues to address in any number of fields. But in regards to a really fundamental subject like a Grand Unification of cosmology and particle physics whose primary parameters are precisely expressed in equations that require no additional artificial fine tuning, I'm sorry to inform you that that job has already largely been taken and basically has been accomplished (not that I couldn't use some enlightened help on any number of remaining levels!). Which is bound to make some yet jaded established researchers, as well as many fledgling students,  feel like their role is approaching some sort of dead end, if just as a job killer. Or at least it would seem to be a tougher filter for keeping one. Yet even then, hopefully the majority of sensible folk might more positively regard this preliminary message as a transformative paradigm shift unifying a self-evident system of knowledge about the physical Universe, stimulating a wider collective interest in learning and perhaps wider focus on teaching, both academically, as well as increasing one's personal sense of their  higher Selves as Quantum Mechanical Beings. Which is to say that presently I'd simply love to just find some amiable  fellows who might already have a fair grasp of  any of all the fundamental issues, or any folks with a focused interest in a creatively driven  learning on any number of levels and/or fronts who might appreciate the scope of an eye-opening and new worldview.

Anyway, although I originally hoped recognition would have materialized earlier, after having spent a few years writing ezine articles while casually refining some sloppy copy (up until about 2008, which stopped the vast majority of us dead in our tracks, bogged down in the economic morass), which just intensified confining my thwarted rage to Rants I love to cynically chant down with the darkest humor till it gives enough release to  move on to explore other personally dear subjects. Like the more seriously important issues of comparing psychological insights that heightens Gnostic consciousness with the constrictive organizational structures that are collectively imposed from without, by exposing the history of formal education, religion, covert operations, banking and general polytricks within a global systems analysis that finally offered  some synthetic solutions with respect polywell fusion and other sources of virtually clean and free energy like Tesla discovered years ago (which we are presently slowing building on a number of levels as a home improvement project that's yet to be integrated there). All of which, despite subsequently having since been waylaid for another 5 odd years by a number of unavoidable personal responsibilities (at the end of our Rant page), I'm quite satisfied enough with those results to realize that it would have been a little premature to have expected that the book would have been a potentially as powerful as this far more succinct updating, especially in light pf experimental challenges that have only recently been offered.

Anyway, whatever the outcome might be, I've already been absolutely honored that Providence, A.J. and the Strings 2000 Questions combined to give me the opportunity to learn directly from a Source that turned out to transcend my wildest dreams by light years.  I've always have taken great joy in an ongoing learning process at all levels, but never would have previously anticipated the magnitude of such insights prior to the millennium. For despite the absence of collective validation, it certainly again allowed me blow my introverted little mind many times over.  So,  upon far more gleefully returning to physics, I now figure it would been rather premature to bore the reader with anything less than the forthcoming succinct synopsis of the essentials. Which nevertheless still allows me to rather leisurely indulge my fancies amidst attending to any immediate chores (when I'm not dealing with and bitching about all the mechanical breakdowns and  typical BS that Murphy periodically hands out to most of us), while generally meditating on various ramifications, obligations, challenges, strategies and marvels of my wonderfully unique life and the gifts that have been bestowed. Which leaves a few solid days a week to focus on more serious study, writing and refinements on whatever specific themes are being developed. For I always figured that time would ultimately provide the proper opportunity to diligently promote these discoveries. Which presently meant better articulating the major issues in a succinct, optimally ordered and timely manner.

And it turned out that these long pondered  plans seem to have been timed surprisingly well, both with respect to initially reviewing the essence of the model, studying and cleaning up a couple of dubious, incomplete or otherwise complicated issues in light of newer data from the particle data group site at http://pdg.lbl.gov/pdg.html, with a special eye on some  novel insights with respect to both the 2012-15 data, particularly certain long anticipated predictions and explanations for forthcoming results from the recently boosted energy at the CERN collider. But before we put that cart before its horse, we should stress that it is very important to appreciate that the forthcoming updated series of short pdf and doc files should be read in the following optimized order of the sections in which they are summarily introduced.

We begin with the I: Introduction, which establishes an exacting pure numeric invariance for a dimensionless physics tied to a solution to A.J. Meyer's 2-based logarithmic model representing a Cosmological Planck Scale associated with a derivation of one fundamental Universal "Monolith Number" Nu. Whereby we go on to more truly answer the #1 Strings 2000 question by transforming it to a far less rational natural logarithmic system of A.J.'s original model utilizing a now purely derived 'fine structure number' associated with the inverse of a now discretely quantized Electromagnetic coupling constant.  Whereby we go on in the last of these four pages, to utilize what I call the Meyer-Kaluza-Klein metric of the combined A.J's proton + electron  mass with its associated dimensionless ratio to the Planck scale to further derive the effective Planck Mass as well as the Gravitational coupling constant. Which effectively further allows us summarize II: 11D Quantum Gravitational Universal Creation. But before we can complete this Story, one must first understand the entire Supersymmetric Higgs mechanism presented in our basic III: Particle Table1, allowing us to return to a short, but more detailed, IV: Multiply Dual Quantum Super-Gravitational Mapping of Inflation. Which should be soon enough be cosmologically confirmed in a refined ongoing attempt to observe primordial gravitational waves emanating from the far past 'Big Bang event horizon' of a  'Hamed Membrane' effectively composed of Heavy Higgs Bosons associated with 'White Hole' that Terminated the accelerated expansion of Inflation. This true, so-called "God-Particle," therefore furthermore sets up an overview of following era associated with the fuller V: Supersymmetric Particle Spectrum and its Expected Major Signatures from the Upgraded Large Hadron Collider that was finally augmented and tested last year (in 2015).

241 Mumbers: The Definitive Data for Fundamental Physics

Preface: The history of A. J. Meyer's model, the Millennium questions and the 'Monolithic' solution to Gross's quandary concerning a "dimensionless physics" devoid of free-parameters. Some personal reflections on religion, science and psychology are given with respect to a predictable abreaction to pure numerical analysis; with hints from learning theory on transcendence of self-limiting beliefs or assumptions. This lesson is augmented by a couple of objective tasks, starting with an attempted derivation of one or more pure equations for the value given in the first example in of our Sample Data and Proofs. In light of our updated discussion on the homepage, the Preface isn't essential and our second page here already has the original Sample Data, so we'll forgo including these first two Chapters for now.

Introduction to the Tautology of 241 Mumbers via a Co-Derivation of Global Coupling Constants:   After David Gross posed that #1 question at Strings 2000 concerning whether or not a purely numerical system of dimensionless parameters in physics could be constructed, it motivated me to pursue an affirmative answer. Whereby, after being sickened by a senseless three or four month period of serial theoretical head-tripping,  on 10-11-00 I came to my senses by simply taking the newest experimental value  of the fine-structure number and, using a reversed logic I'd used a few years earlier, I again just looked at the 2-based fractional component, which was so close, it practically rounded itself off to the inverse of a discrete number. So, that's how I deciphered A.J. Meyer's more rational 2-based logarithmic model, which at once quantized the non-rational natural logarithmic system of the fine-structure - originally, by simply defining the 2-based "Monolith Number" Nu = 203 + 1/241; just as it was introduced in the original paper of what became a much lengthier Chapter 5 that also discussed all the Strings 2000 questions and rational  for them. After I first met A.J. face-to-face at that Coral Gables conference on gravitation and cosmology in mid-December, I prepared for the task before me by looking anew at the Fermat mapping of pure numerical systems  and their inverse fractions. Which paid off in a number of respects, the primary one being it allowed a set up of our dimensionless system of physics in  our consolidated  I: 3-Introduction.pdf.  by deriving the Monolith Nu from a pure Fermat analysis that starts with subtracting two 'fractionally inverted 241 numbers' from the integer 241 itself, followed by dividing by 14, then multiplying by 12.

Converting the rational 2-based Monolith Number to a non-rational natural exponential logarithmic system and subtracting out the log equivalent to 2pi squared subsequently yields the exact inverse of the electromagnetic fine-structure constant expressed as a 'pure' number or, rather, mumber, as discretely derived without any reference to 'metric dimensions' of mass, length or time. Which solved that  #1 question of David Gross, which was chosen as the major quandary by him, Ed Witten and Michael Duff (who supplied the third ranked question concerning the remote possibility of proton decay, which I would have thrown out entirely by replacing and Solving the better, and far more fundamental, question of why baryonic proton (and leptonic electron) matter predominates over anti-matter in the first place!) Which in any case, was a choice that blew my mind that such esteemed company would ever even ponder such matters this seriously, though A.J. and I had long wondered if such a solution to his model was possible!

Now, another thing that always impressed both A.J. and I was that the Monolith Number, whether it is regarded with respect to his later 2-based, or earlier natural, logarithmic system, basically translates as the identical  huge number 1.28925 x 1061 applicable to Dirac's marvelous 'Large Number Hypothesis' with respect to a dimensionless mapping of an effective cosmological Planck scaling. Yet Gross's phrasing of his question seems to awkwardly limit the 'parameters' it speaks of to merely dimensionless ones such as a ratio or scale, as if there was no natural way to synthetically tie any such parameters to a metric system employing mass, length or time, let alone something like a quantum mechanical concept of a discrete particle mass. For though as surely as particles can by duality be at once considered waves (just as their behavior quantum mechanically can be regarded as being in either an unmeasured 'evolving' state, or in a more specifically 'collapsed state' as its 'wave function' is observed), a particle that is tied to both a fully discrete dimensionless system and one (combined) well-established measured metric mass is hardly comparable to either a wave or the uncertainty principle per se! Which in effect also directly demonstrates why Gross's alternative of no such possible dimensionless solution for defining a physical parameter due to some sort of purely random "historical or quantum mechanical 'accident" seems rather ludicrous.

For A.J's journal paper (Meyer, A. J. Physics Essays Vol. 8, #1, Dec. 1995, pp. 524-58) that introduced the 2-based system showed that the universal mass can be equivalently expressed as 2266.5 times the combined proton and electron mass mp+e. Where, by subtracting out the Monolith Number, we consequently obtain the dimensionless Ratio of the p+e mass to the Planck scale as Rplp+e = 63.5 – 1/241. Since the 'quantum of least action' was defined by Max Planck as what literally has become known as the "Planck constant" h, or rather (since technically, we're dealing with Dirac's 'reduced' division by 2 pi) h-bar, every metric term at the 'Planck scale' represents a 'quantization of gravity' so to speak. From the end of our Introduction, it follows that the relationship of what might be unambiguously best be called the neutrally charged 'Meyer-Kaluza-Klein system' of the combined proton and electron Metric Mass  mp+e to its Pure Mass-Ratio Rplp+e with respect to the Planck scale allows a categorically complete and consistent co-derivation of the Planck mass and gravitational coupling constant as well.

In conclusion, the Monolithic Tautology thereby represents a definitively discrete, Quantized Unification of the Three Classical Fields and their now non-ambiguously Derived Coupling Constants representing a 'World-tensor' in an over-due update of a 5-Dimensional Kaluza-Klein/Einstein-Bergmann Space-Time (sans six additional string dimensions)!!           '

An Initial State Synopsis Explaining the Quantum Gravitational Creation of the Universe in the Planck Epoch: As promised on our updated Homepage and Summary intro, the above derivation of the 'effective' gravitational coupling constant and Planck mass in the last section of our mere 4 page Introduction allows us to by-pass most details outlined in Section II. of Chapter 6 (as later reiterated in the first sections of our longest Summary Chapter 7 in the original [non-reedited] text).  Which directly addresses Ed Witten's #2 question (as well as Einstein's original quote of the Homepage) about the quantum gravitational creation of the universe. Anyway, here's the succinct Solution, as outlined in our second promised essay II: InitialtoFinalQGCreation.doc. Which can be summarized and consolidated in the following manner. For by first separately modifying and defining the dimensionless ratios of initial state and effective Planck scales as respectively 63.5 and 63.5-1/241, multiplying each  these two ratios by the combined mass of the proton and electron p+e gives two equations that therefore support a Definitive Explanation  that unambiguously Answers Dr. Witten's Question.* Our Story consequently Begins by discussing how a Timeless and compact 11D Initial Solid State Primaton took a Quantum Gravitational  Jump to a slightly Larger, so Less Massive, Spin Six Planck Boson that then began to Multiply and Tunnel ever further Outward as it Rapidly Expanded into a brave New World that some call Home. Which is to say that the Original Quantum Gravitational Action henceforth Created both Time's Arrow and our  Universe, whose final Total Mass is given by Multiplying the Effective Plank Mass by 2 to the Monolith Number!

We'll later go to more explicitly outline the entire supersymmetric gravitational eras of the hyper-accelerated inflation,  as well as in relation to the post super-symmetric era, that can only be comprehended after assimilating the essentials of our first particle of Table1. Which is to also say that both Short (respectively 3 and 2 page) Stories  have been recently written in common English for the purpose of a very succinct and well articulated comprehension.

The Monolith Number is further essential for precise derivations of Table I: The Fundamental Particulate Scale, as augmented by a supersymmetric Higgs mechanism that generates mass, with a special theoretical eye on the Origin of Baryon Matter, together with so-called "Weakly Interacting Massive Particles,' or WIMPs, which essentially consists of 'Dark Anti-Matter.’ So the first equations of this table determine the mass of, and relations between, the four Higgs bosons and its two vacuum expectation values, as well as the two supersymmetric neutral Gauginos, the charged Wino, and the neutralino or 'Higgsino'- the latter being basically the 'left-over' component of the extended SUSY Higgs spectrum equivalent to a stable, heavy charge-neutral 'Fermi dark mass.' With further strong derivations of the respective masses of charged  W and neutral Z Gauge  Bosons that mediate the Weak Force, and each of the six 'flavors' in two 'families' of Quarks. For the hard mass values of the Higgs fields, gauginos, gauge bosons and quarks are confirmed by the cohesive system of equations as well as the 'pudding' proofs' of the Sample Data as was initially witnessed in the Z-boson derivation where the masses of the quarks and Higgs vacuum minimum purposely weren't even given, taken together the down minus up quark mass parameter equal to the differential between the charged and neutral pion, which allowed the reader to derive the down mass given the differential from the up mass given on our homepage. Which leads to calculations of a few essential hadrons, concluding with the set 'Bose dark mass' of the axion after  preliminaries of  neutrino sector mixing that may be useful but is incomplete relative to detailed calculations that require understanding complexities of the extended Table2  once it is updated with a finer eye. 

Likewise, a few calculations for certain hadrons in Table1 were  purposefully left a 'non-optimally precise values,' though multiple approximations will often be used to illustrate or explore any number issues for strong or less secure parameters alike in both the basic and extended particle tables. But here the reader, with minor help, is left to their own devices to spot which values may be purposefully left incomplete. This ambiguity is designed as a prod to provoke professors, students or interested laymen alike to pursue additional hands-on home-study without direct reference to the swamp of data in particle Table2. A few of these more important true values will be given in the lengthy final discussion of the SuperSymmetric Spectrum that summarizes the essence of Tab2 - though any really interested party can, at least for now, simply ask me, ssheets@241mumbers.com, what the equations are that give the best value for any of the mass parameters that will generally be in the corresponding cell of Table2. Belief me it'll be a lot easier to bug me for a bit or two of enlightening data than it will be to update any shakier values in a detailed re-edit of that 27 page table - frankly I think even deep thinkers will be challenged enough to grasp the synthetic and integrated beauty of most of these calculations, given the relatively lesser density of the material in the basic 7 page outline. So, I'd love to facilitate an easier understanding of anything you choose with mutual respect, well, at least as long as you don't prematurely burden me with your own theoretical prejudices unless they happen to support my conclusions or truly teach me something.

{Likewise, the first objective task given at the end of the Preface and Sample Data refers to a parameter and equations in one of the expanded table's most prominent cells, the Gluino: so is an ideal set-up designed to discourage a peek before one can venture an answer without a cheap cheat. [After one reads our basic particle table, we will however go on to not only discuss more details of the inflation era, but it's general relation to the gluino {beyond your chore of deriving some actual equations for its given mass!}, squarks and the post inflationary Big Bang proper.] Which then either A: serves as a test to bolster confidence in one's intuitive perception and logical competence as an 'open skeptic' and/or 'seriously interested learner;' or B: serves to test a 'closed skeptics' fixation on mechanical measure and its associated uncertainties, collective or personal opinion, and/or hypothetical 'theoretical' interpretation; as manifested with utter focus on one's self-perceived role, problems, given status or job in maintaining this system of  peer friendly institutional belief by slowly adjusted, incremental refinements involving many researchers and departments. Which isn't to say that either personality types couldn't come up with at least one equation, though I'd bet in a heart beat that the latter formal thinker would never bother to even try since that task isn't necessarily related to any theory the fellow is familiar with. But the latter hub is only weakly conducive to a broader 'paradigm shift' required for moving from a mere intellectually intriguing 'Theory Of Everything' (TOE) that has yet to produce to a concrete prediction of anything significant to a non-ambiguous Explanation Of Everything replete with equations that produce precise values for fundamental mass parameters that are often highly confirmable by easy contemporary empirical reference. Still, just as reference is an inevitable facet of scientific inquiry, taking the easiest path is not only an endemic of part of human nature, but serves the better purposes of scientific inquiry if it cuts through endless details and formality to get a meaningful solution to the problems at hand - but certainly not if used just a guise for an inability to investigate what isn't diligently sought with open curiosity, honest interest and the meaningful intent of one's own reasoning.)

Having explicitly seen how my deciphering of A.J.'s model the Introduction of the Monolith Number led to a pure dimensionless expression of the Fine-Structure Number, while the subsequent discussion of  how the KK-Meyer metric supports a Definitive Explanation for how a compact 11D Initial Solid State Primaton took a Quantum Gravitational  Jump as it 'tunneled outward' to a slightly Larger, so Less Massive, Spin Six Planck Boson that began to Multiply, Creating our Massive  Universe, thereby Answering  the Top Two Questions of Strings 2000 (in a mere total of seven pages), let's now explore how the Monolith Number generates a number of fundamental particle parameters as well! So, here is the promised essential data constituting our III: Basic Particle 4-Table1.pdf .

Mapping Inflation and SuperSymmetry with regard to the Heavy Higgs-Hamed Membrane: Having seen that the first particle that Sets Up our basic Particle Table1, and  Sets its Value at 6.4437 TeV as a function of its Dimensionless Scale Set By quartering the Monolith, we are in position to confirm why,  if one chooses to refer to a particle with Peter Higgs last name associated with it as a 'God-Particle,' it must be the Heavy Higgs scalar. For it's certainly not that lighter scalar of a mere 125.1023 GeV that the LH Collider finally found, just because it earned  him and Francois Englert the Nobel Prize for confirming their predictions within the Standard Model - for as the reader can affirm in the particle table that we Derive, rather than Set, that exact mass as a function of the combined Upper and Minimal Higgs Vacuum Expectation Values. (Likewise, if anybody is interested in pursuing this issue further, as a preface to the second essay here outlining the extended particle Table2, it would be worthy to check out The 'God Particle' as the Heavy Higgs Boson and the Hierarchy Problem Solution I wrote at Articlebase.com - http://www.articlesbase.com/science-articles/the-god-particle-as-the-heavy-higgs-boson-and-the-hierarchy-problem-solution-7368128.html.) Yet beyond Setting that TeV and dimensionless values, the basic particle table makes no more further reference to this particle nor its extended meaning with regard to the Heavy Higgs identification with the Membrane theory as it was originally construed by Nima Arkani-Hamed. For it was his ideas with respect to dividing a universal  dimensionless system by the respective integers 2, 3 and 4, that led me to adopt the term 'Mumbers,' which, as the opening poem on our Home-page suggests, is simply a short-hand for 'Membrane Numbers,' though I naturally have increasingly come to interchangeably regard  the 'M' in Edward Witten's preferred generalization of 'M-Theory' as standing for 'Monolith Numbers.'  In this regard, these forthcoming essays will demonstrate just why the extended particle table2 will henceforth refer to the God particle as the Heavy Higgs-Hamed boson and likewise its 'Hamed scale' by the Plank ratio of NU/4. Which now allows us to explore this terminology in a chain of summary synopses of our newly updated series of papers extending our understanding of the power of the Monolith Number with respect to mapping the full inflation era unto the later supersymmetric era of a particle physics replete with an overview of predictions and detailed explanations of forthcoming signatures with respect to both cosmology and the recently boosted particle physics at  the LHC.

Mapping Creation and Inflation: The first of these new essays, or fourth paper in our updated series, will make little reference beyond the term Heavy Higgs to the particle tables as it was originally attempted to be briefly summarized in a minimal two  page paper called a IVa: Trebly Dual Mapping of Inflation with regard to the Heavy Higgs Hamed Membrane.doc. However, upon reflection I soon realized that that paper should have not only better reflected the promised extension of the second paper 'Initial to Final QG Creation' with respect to a more detailed explanation of the Quantum Gravitational Creation of the Universe with regard to a Completion of M-Theory as a distinct purely 11D Sixth String Theory that explicitly marks the First Stage or SubEra with further respect to a formal reformulation of what can most succinctly be called 'Quantum SuperGravity' which inclusively addresses the fields that drive and govern  that First, as well as the Next Two Stages, covering the Entire Inflation Era up to its Termination associated with the Hamed Scale. Now in the process of formulating this extended manuscript, I discovered that the founders of inflation theory had relatively recently admitted in a dialogue of papers between 2013-14 that they were stumped by basically three factors, the first of course being they had no idea beyond theoretical speculation of what constituted initial state quantum gravity. So furthermore they reached the conclusion of what they called their 'classical idea' of a single simple 'inflaton model' must instead involve multiple stages of inflation, but in effect again confirmed my long held suspicion that had little concrete clues about what that entailed. Thus, instead of reading that incomplete above synopsis, I urge you all to seriously study the first, only and 'Last Post-Modern Analysis of Inflation' one will ever need to refer to! It covers a lot of ground and as such is also an essential read necessary for a complete understanding of the next two dissertations on V: supersymmetric particle physics and VI: cosmology as well. All of which is told properly in a linear sense as One Story, so we call this IVb: The Quantum Gravitational Genesis of the Universe via a Multi-Dual Mapping of Inflation with respect to the KK-GraviScalar and the Heavy Higgs-Hamed Scale.doc.

For a breif Summary of this 14+1 page story begins with an overview of the short second paper in our series with a more detailed review of the 1: of the Initial State Planck/Motz Primaton and its Minimal 0-Entropistic 5D Space, as derived with respect to the First Set of Finite Axioms and subsequent plane sectioning of it and the points intersecting the six-lines-at-a point of a 6D Manifold, as represented by the Pascal Conic the cover for my definitive 300 page 1988 textbook  that thereby serves as  the Basis for an 11D Projective Geometry. Which at some point 2: takes a Quantum Gravitational Jump to a slightly Lighter Mass and Less Compact Scale, Creating Time by the UnWinding of the Six Dimensions of SuperStrings as the Spin Six Plank Bosons Multiply during the First de Sitter SubEra of Inflation. {Note: The string unwindings of section 2, as represented by the untwisting of doubly-looped 'umbilical' strings into singly-looped rings that retwist and multiply into two sets of umbili, as pictured in a separate clickable Diagram I.doc.} This stage subsequently culminates with the 3: Cessation of String UnRavelings and Planck Mass Multiplications once 2 to the Monolith Number of Pl-Masses is reached, equaling Our Universe's Mass, as induced by a 'Unified Cosmological Field' associated with a Massless Kaluza-Klein 55-Graviscalar that is 'Dualistically' Identified with the Size of a Heavy Higgs Scalar or 'Hamed Scale' NU/4 regarded as a 4D Space. As the suspension of string un-windings marks the end of the initial inflationary subepoch, it must in turn be identified with the beginning of a 4: Second or Intermediate Stage of Inflation in which the Accelerated Expansion of the Universal Hypersphere is Driven by the KK-GraviScalar or 'Radion' regarded as an 'Inflaton Potential,' which proceeds as the 4-Space is Dimensionally Reduced to a 3-Space associated with what we call 'Nima's Scale' NU/3, for which it is Proven that the Mass-Density of the Universal Mass to the cube of its Size is Equivalent to a Single Planck Mass to the cube of the effective Planck Length. The Reduction of the 4-Space to Three Spatial Dimensions 5: subsequently Breaks Quantum Gravitational SuperSymmetry, initiating the Third and Final SubEra of Inflation by first Quartering Both the Plank Masses and their Spin Six components, thereby producing the First Set of ('Primordial') Spin 3/2 Gravitinos. Gravitinos subsequently proceed to Drive a Hyper-Accelerated Expansion due to their identity as Fermions subject to the  Pauli-Exclusion Principle, as Reinforced by their Progressively Lessoning Mass and Increasing Breadth that is Quantum Mechanically Non-Locally 'Controlled' by the 55-Graviscalar's role as a 'Coordinating Mechanism' between Differing 'MemBrane' Scales. Which is to say that whether the Gravitino Stage of Inflation is considered to begin when the 'super' quantum gravitational symmetry is broken at Nima's scale NU/3 or when four times as many fixed gravitino masses are generated by quartering Planck mass, the 6: Termination of Inflation is induced by the Transference of the Varying Gravitinos' Mass to a Universal Mass composed of 25NU/4 Heavy Higgs Scalars of Fixed Mass, generating the Emission of Primordial Gravitational Waves from the 7NU/12=7.18 meter 'Nima-Hamed' Radius of a 'White Hole' marking the BIG BANG by the Emergence of Ordinary 4D Minkowski Space-Time and Relativistic Universal Expansion! In preparation for the next two papers respectively covering the SuperSymmetric Origin of Baryogenesis and Dark Matter and Anti-de Sitter Cosmology, this sixth section of our above dissertation actually instead begins by returning to a discussion of the Radion as the Quanta of Dark Energy that led Albert Einstein to contact Kaluza with respect to his 55-Graviscalar regarded as Al's Cosmological Constant. We do this in order to complete our earlier discussion of the third and most pressing problem posed in a series of papers by notable cosmologists with regard to what they characterize as 'classical' and 'modern' Inflation Theory. For having clearly solved Ed Witten's #2 Strings 2000 quandary about the Quantum Gravitational Origin of the Universe, as well as specifically outlining the each of the Three Stages of Inflation, we originally address this third problem of a so-called 'Multiverse' by most simply defining the Exact Mass of Our Universe that obviously contains real massive particles other than dark energy. Which is to say that our one and only, so final 'Post-Modern Model of Inflation' goes on to demonstrate at the beginning of this sixth section that a true 'Multiverse' that has the Same Mass As, but is Not 'Our Universe,' can be described by a Radion Field which Itself absorbs the Planck masses as soon as it kicks in as the accelerating hypersphere reaches its full potential at the 4D Hamed Scale, so then Immediately starts to Multiply as the Radions Lessen in Mass in an Extended Period of (a nearly) 'Eternal de Sitter Inflation' since the GraviScalar would have No Longer Reduced the Four Dimensional Space to a Three Dimensional Planck Density,  Bypassing any Additional Gravitino Subepoch nor any Big Bang as the Radions would have continued to have inflatively lost mass until they reached their quantized identity as a Minimal Mass of Dark Energy defined by Dividing the Planck Mass by 2 to the Monolith Number, whereby the Maximal Cosmic Constant is defined by the Squared Monolithic Large Number of Discrete Radionic Quanta. After which the de Sitter Space-Time would continue to accelerate and expand forever, until perhaps some region of this Huge Space reaches a 'True Vacuum' that would either Tear it Apart, and/or Further Minimize and Multiply Radion masses or Evaporate it altogether! In any case I think the astute reader of this tidy synopsis should easily appreciate the point that there are many reasons why the Heavy Higgs boson should be considered as the 'God Particle,' the chief one being that without the Hamed and Nima Hamed Scales there would not be Any Light and We certainly would Never have Existed to see anything since the true post-inflative Bang Bang would Never Have Occurred!

Mapping Particle SuperSymmetry as the Origin of BaryoGenesis: We'll then naturally go on to summarize many of the main points from Table2 as it was initially explained in the next section below, but now will try to separate the second doc file referring to the Heavy Higgs with respect to the post-inflationary era from the above fourth essay mapping gravitationally induced inflation itself. So here is the next and final promised re-titled synopsis V: The SuperSymmetric Particle Spectrum with its Expected Major Signatures from the Upgraded Large Hadron Collider. Given the previous revamp of the stages of inflation up to its Termination with respect to the bulk emission of  primordial waves of gravitons by the Heavy Higgs bosons in the Big Bang, we go on to discuss how the Heavy Higgs scalar first imparts a fixed mass to Gluinos. Which themselves then decay and multiply into a succeeding series of flavored generations of,  first three, and finally nine, fractionally charged conserved Squarks,  ofthis colored and anticolored plasma mixed with gobs of far more stable and very light Axions (likely together with a few parts of their heavier supersymmetric partners, the fermionic Axino and scalar Dilaton or Saxion) representing a primordial condensate of Einstein-Bose Dark Matter.   with regard to the main signature of Gaugino mediated supersymmetric mechanism responsible for Baryon Co-Creation with 'WIMP' Fermi Dark Matter that should already be apparent from our basic particle Table1 alone.  So, as ever, Enjoy

 Table II: The Extended SUSY and Standard Particle Spectrum: The full table covering the entire swamp of mass-derivations and loose theoretical briefs augmenting the above parameters. In addition to the Higgs fields and gauginos, the 'sparticles' includes the ill-defined massive gravitino gluino, six flavors of squarks, charged sleptons, their sneutrinos, a photino and axino/dilaton super-partners of the axion. With essential details of strong gluino and heavy squark decays to lighter ones that subsequently undergo gaugino mediated transformations resulting in the creation of baryon matter; along with the Fermi component of the heavier neutralino, in addition to the Bose element of axion dark mass. Much of which has already been discussed in both Table1 and the above summary of inflation and supersymmetry with respect to the promised mapping of Heavy Higgs-Hamed scalar as the true 'God-Particle." Which also offers the solution to the 'flavor hierarchy' or 'generation-inverted SUSY' problem, as well as clues to super-symmetry breaking as a prelude to electro-weak symmetry breaking, culminating in a precise derivation of the Fermi Energy of the Weak Coupling Constant. The format of a descending mass-scaled data-table accordingly provides a succinct forum for a working comprehension of the deepest theory (saving an expository discussion for the Summary subsection), which conversely is naturally encoded into equations that largely utilize ordinary arithmetic to define each mass-parameter of the complete particle spectrum. Likewise, each equation  encapsulates revelations of often multiple, and/or indisputable, physical  principles, in addition to the crucial precision of numeric invariance that mirrors the Monolith Mumbers' fundamental 2-based exponential tautology, which 'sets' the invariantly strongest, most immutable, or definitive parameters such as the mass of the Heavy Higgs scalar. Which furthermore provides numerous mathematical, theoretical and empirical cross-confirmations of not only the (already) definitive mass-values for all six quarks, as well as equally definitive supersymmetric precepts and values for sparticle masses such as squarks and gauginos, by comparison with derivations and values of a relatively well-established standard particle spectrum ranging from the Z and W gauge bosons to over 50 hadrons. Thus, once an individual masters the basic tautology, system and equations, they can confirm the derived mass-values of weak gauge bosons or hadrons themselves by a similar empirical imperative for hands-on learning2 - by comparison with their measured values, most of which are given and  downloadable from the particle data group site at http://pdg.lbl.gov/pdg.html (for the sake of invariant consistency all basic parameters are in accord with the PDG and NIST http://nist.gov/ measurements of 2000: so gather these first from their archives). In any case, each parameter is evaluated by a uniquely annotated, starred system of confidence that is pragmatic, instructive and entertaining; serving as a central forum for a compact, often witty, commentary.

(The wise will find the multiplicity of dark humor and pointed poetic asides are not only core to a short-hand for rating arguments in a creative system of learning, but also serves as a mnemonic prep for a higher theory that is not to be ignored. Yet such word-play will also serve to make others walk right out the first door: a main reason Notable Rants is included as a rudely blunt, 'purposely off-setting' X-rated sampling.0-1a) Beginning with a determined value of the Upsilon-4s or B-B resonance, calculations are given for various bottom flavored bosons down to the neutral (bd-bar) and charged (u-) B-mesons; which gives extended support for our 2nd Sample Proof, b-mesons being dominate products of Zo (or toponium) decay. Likewise, calculations of b-baryons range from a unique SuSy based prediction for the Omega-bss down to a highly determined Lambda-b mass, with hard theoretical deductions, calculations, and 'proofs' for intervening values of both charge and spin mass states of the b-Sigma's, as well as yet unmeasured masses for the -charged and neutral Xi-b. Table II moves to charmed hadrons, beginning with unprecedented predictions for the ccc-Omega and three cc-Xi's; with calculations that similarly serve as demonstrative proofs based on interrelations between the SUSY sCharm/sTop differential, quark derivations conforming to other higher states of charmed flavors of positive charge and spin and logical comparison of decays of the W++-ccc into a ucc-X++, or of the spin 3/2 ucc-X++ into a dcc-X+ and a +pion. (Which all in all accounts for a set of quite nuanced proofs, though these value presently are largely unavailable as empirical measures of pudding in the sense that the '04-6 pdg-listings only gives the ccd mass; as editors at lbl were apparently baffled by rather convincing SELEX data for the two ccu-Xi spin states. So though our comparative calculations fit cc-Xi data too well not to recognize there's piles of pudding on the table - the initial reaction to the data in the general physics community was absolute surprise, owing to a novel large gap between the cc-Xi's containing the up quark and the one with down; which misses some major points).

Anyway, we go on to derive masses of the J/psi and eta cc-mesons before moving to singly charmed c-baryons, with charmed Omega, Xi's and Sigma's of both J= 3/2 and 1/2 spins, the double-charged cuu-Sigmas constituting a third state of slightly higher mass (due to more repulsive q-charge) than the neutral cdd in both cases. These heavier c-baryons are scaled with respect to differentials to the base state c-Lambda+ - whose mass is determined by a calculation from a Wino and/or its decay - which contrasts with the following equations to provide the most nuanced set of demonstrative proofs and broad supersymmetric correspondence in this table. The case in point involves strikingly instructive derivations of the charming D+ cs  and cd  mesons utilizing appropriate SUSY modifications of a similar equation as a function, and main decay product, of a (by convention, positively charged) W-boson (and goes on to define the tau lepton mass by an equally revealing modification). Two auxiliary calculations not only give a precise correspondence for the cd-D+ mass within an order of about 1/10,000,000 parts, the most important being a direct derivation from the given c and d quarks that serves as a proof for the neutral D as well - the real pudding here being the multiple calculations and correspondences, the multiple accurate correlation with measure being here only a little cherry on top, marinated by the chef in a sherry wine2b. In any case, the hadron table next moves on to strange baryons, all calculations, except for the sud-Lambda per se, being determined by a different route that the differential of charmed Omega, Xi's and Sigma's to a c-Lambda - as multiples of the strange mass, with appropriate modifications involving combinations of the down and up. We then go on to give the derivation of the time parameter for beta-decay of a free neutron to a proton, electron and an antineutrino, completing the equation given as the 4th example of Sample Data. Which serves as a perfect introduction to a precise derivation of neutron mass as a ratio to our basic p+e-gauge. Having exhausted baryons, we finalize analysis with a review of the strange K and pi mesons developed in the first table. We proceed to list the various combinations of first generation quarks composing the basic light baryons and mesons, the same mass differential in each class of hadron constituting our 3rd, and Best Proof in theory, application or pudding.

This hadron schematic is supported by equally precise, and revealing, electroweak derivations for the tau lepton and muon, that together with the measured mass of an electron produced in W-mediated weak beta-decay, compose the three types of charged lepton that may be created, along with a respective flavor of neutrino, in a direct decay of a ('non-virtual') W-boson. The attendant scaling in sum provides clues to the time-decay parameters for the tau or muon into neutrinos, which, in addition to the given t-parameter for neutron decay into a proton, electron and e-antineutrino, supplies an exacting framework for analysis of neutrinos as having a definitive weak mass at the moment of creation. Yet thereafter they can oscillate to another mass-value by virtue of 'flavor mixing' - where, for instance, we give a precise calculation for the 'e-mu mixing angle' that accords with its experimental value, further also accounting for the suppressed 1/3 ratio of electron neutrinos to theoretical estimates of massless ones. Which must then also determine the `base-value' of the electron {or analogously, a tau or mu} neutrino mass, as a function of its very definition as a fermion conforming to the monolithic tautology of mumbers,  as specifically compared to a relatively stable dark mass that defines an axion as a boson - with respect to a common scale representing what can be called a ''charge-neutered,' symmetry."

Mumbers and the Monolith Numbers: I: The broader, more philosophical underpinnings of our Introduction's Tautology discusses the significance of the Monolith Number to not only a dimensionless physics, but a number of other pertinent Strings 2000 `Millennium Questions’ as well. The Unified Universal Meta-Physics of Monolith Mumbers: from Socrates to Oskar & Felix Klein, and Beyond begins with a few reflections on the unfinished business of synthetic dialectical discourse from the Socratic school  unto the 'formal simplicity' F. Klein perceived could serve as a final basis for Einstein's extension of  the (O.) Klein-Kaluza unification. We then briefly demonstrate how debates in religion, science and politics can consistently be linguistically resolved within a synthetic and 'holistic' natural philosophy, beginning with a firm geometric, numeric and meta-logical basis for a 'Wholistically' Unified Physical Theory. Which leads to a discussion of the significance of such issues to the development of a dimensionless monolithic meta-physics, a finite, sentential Hilbert algebra and multiple (Godelian) meta-mathematical (numeric-geometrical-logical) 'mappings' for an 11-dimensional physical membrane (see article for the geometry text below). II: Initial-State Quantum Gravitation: minimal entropy and the significance of an initial-state, antisingular Planck-Motz 'primaton' to Creation. With exacting equations and illustrations that demonstrate how an initial-state anti-singularity/wormhole theorem gives rise through quantum gravitation to an internal 6-dimensional manifold of superstring spin-replications that evolve unto a classical de Sitter Era of Cosmic Creation. III: Which leads back to a discourse on the basic meaning of The Monolith Number as a 'Multi-Dual' Cosmic Constant, primordially represented by Meyer's precise derivation of the `conserved,' or so-called 'critical,' Universal Mass! Which fulfills the role Dirac envisioned when he postulated his famous Large Number Hypothesis. But the text goes on to stress the more common history and other introductory comments about this constant before concluding with an overview of the evolutionary substages of de Sitter Inflation mapped with respect to a `dimensional reduction' and `projective sectioning' framed with respect to an increasing scale of the monolithic space-time membrane.

Summary Flow of Cosmological Eras, Parameters and Geometries:  A ~70 page review and extended description of the spatial stages, temporal eras and parameters defining universal creation, inflation, the post-inflationary era and latter cosmic evolution extending from the big bang to our present era, unto the end of time. Twenty more pages are devoted to the Extended Era of de Sitter Inflation, as co-driven by supergravity - with radii, mass-densities and superluminal velocities at various stages up to its termination. Which is followed by an extended discussion of Table II's deductions concerning the Super-Symmetry Era and the Origin of Baryon Matter and Dark Mass. Beginning with a few speculations about a dual role of supergravity in the pre and post inflation eras, we review the resultant theory (that serves as a prelude to this subsection's conclusions), with additional specifics of sparticle decays outlined in the extended table. A detailed explanation of strong gluino and first generation squark decay follows: resulting in a multiplication of 2nd and 3rd generation squarks, as accompanied by a progressive co-production of a gluon (or massive 'glue-ball like') plasma and a relatively co-stabilized or mass-conserving axion field [that furthers a concise derivation of the parameter representing the coupling constant associated with axion decay into photons in the presence of a strong magnetic field]. The discussion then proceeds unto the latter stages of the SuSy era representing gaugino mediated conversion of  these lighter squarks - resulting in baryogenesis, with an accordant explanation for the origin of neutralino dark mass as well. Though this solution for the origin of baryon matter is a revolutionary affront to certain common assumptions, it at once accommodates and accounts for standard theory or interpretation - for example, it allows the exact determination of the two `CP-violating' decay  modes of the neutral K-meson into pions, which provokes some remarks about similar reasoning  involved in determining our final value for the Ko mass per se. This subsection concludes (as it began) with a comparison of the hypervelocity at the terminal inflation radius to a necessary highly conserved mass, so maximal gravitational field, during and up to super-symmetry  breaking - that specifies its space-time parameterization as well. Which proceeds to compare the mechanisms of, and review the mass-energies at which, the respective Super and Electro-Weak Symmetries are Broken, concluding with a discussion of glue-ball decay as mesons, where Table II lacks the specifics of these hadrons. Which very naturally leads to a shorter subsection giving precise Critical Mass Percentages of baryon matter, neutralino antimatter (oops!), as well as axion dark mass. Which can interpreted in three manners: as a percentage of Planck mass, a percentage relative to the 'critical universal mass' gauged in terms the particle in question, or (the {only} way to determine the mass-percentage of neutralinos) as ratios to a single gluino (since once they begin to decay, quantum principle limits what anyone can say). In any case, the remainder of  'critical mass' represents 'quintessence ' or  'dark energy,' whose discrete mass-energy is specifically co-defined by the cosmic Monolith under an inverted duality. 

In the next subsection, the minimum mass and horizon radius of a stellar blackhole are explored - essentially determining the Minimal Blackhole Horizon Radius. Which is not just framed in usual terms of a Schwarzschild horizon relative to our sun's solar mass, but more particularly with respect to approximations tied to squaring or 'doubling' of our fundamental dimensionless material (or p+e) scale, as well as some other special mumbers. Moving further up 'mumber scale,'  the next subsection analyzes the fine-structure number taken as a two-based exponent. Which serves to define a "Truly 'Anthropic' Physical Principle" that proves to be the bio-physical frequency of human awareness and thought! This scale is also tied to electromagnetic parameters associated with the physical dimensions of "Gaia," taken as the literal atmosphere of old 'Mother Earth.' Or equally, but more figuratively, 'she' can be seen as the, or as an, `earth mother' {she's old, fat and pretty near burned out:  i.e. the perfect goddess-mirror for hippy feminists, or me!} As a 'public service,' we show how the calculation further supports a relevant example of  confirmed and applied accumulated knowledge that runs counterintuitive to what some well-meaning scientists or other guru wannabe's hawk as popular wisdom when referring to benefits that follow from a general technique of 'passive meditation.'5

The subsequent section, takes the fine-structure number for the exponent in a natural logarithmic base, as utilized in A. J. Meyer's original tautology: which serves as a basis or 'gauge' for a 'fixed  cosmic age' (~550 million light years). Which provides a link to, or interlink between, various parameters via a common scale identifiable with time6 - here essentially describing the Post Big Bang Eras of Radiation Decoupling, Anisotropic Re-ionization, and Early Stellar & Proto-Galactic Formation, relative to a Basis of a Fixed Cosmic Age. After a brief review of the post big-bang `radiation era,' the 'age-gauge' facilitates mapping its `decoupling' from emergent neutral hydrogen matter at around a third of a million years, which today has been dispersed and red-shifted to the chilling temperature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) field. This schematic hence invites comparison with parameters provided by the 2003 results of the first year of data for the WMAP probe (its website http://map.gsfc.nasa.gov/m_mm.html serving as info-central for most related astrophysical projects) mapping anisotropies in the CMB at decoupling; which provides inferences about the distribution and evolution of energy, matter and space-time operations at various stages of cosmic development. Further calculations are shown to coincide with the peaks and troughs of the WMAP's 'thermal angular power spectra'; but adds little beyond supporting a broad view of an `era of re-ionization' across a swath of stages from the earliest stars unto their initial or proto-galactic evolution. But firmer or at least more intriguing are the underlying acoustic parameters at decoupling, which originally were released as a mechanical energy by gravitationally induced perturbations that produced literal Big-Banging 'waves of sound'.

Which seems to in some sense offer a peak into the future of the universe7 that serves as the perfect lead into the final subsection, as summarized below, and consolidated into one diagram, that erases certain `apparent paradoxes of present measure' by proposing a Multi-Dual Cosmic Constant for a Closed Regenerate Space-Time.' For all diagrams follow from our first; all fluctuations constrained within a 'primaton horizon' until the quantum gravitational jump from a minimal entropy to a lighter, larger, Planck state at Creation. Which set supersymmetric transformations and replications of the internal 6D super-string manifold into motion as its hypersphere bursts through the 'Planck Event Horizon' unto a classical de Sitter era of vacuum mass creation and space-time signature SO(4,1). Likewise, the entire 'Inflation Era' represents 'a de Sitter Period' of an exponentially accelerated spatial expansion'. Yet the notion of a `modern cosmic constant' lacks such creative and inflative de Sitteresque qualities; so comparatively appears better adapted to an explanation of a 'repulsive quintessence' fueling the present accelerative' phase, which effectively kicked in 'after decelerating in eternal expansion.'8 Half of our final diagram includes mappings of such infinite space-time metrics with respect to what synthetic geometry calls the `Absolute' - which the whole diagram takes special care to conformally map in a like manner as the actual geometry, topology, and numeric tautology of the term called Lambda as if bounded by the interior surface of a blackhole . Which rather easily shows why the cosmos is presently measured to be in an accelerative phase interpretable as an repulsive cosmic constant (equivalent to a `negative ('quintessential') pressure'). The brunt of issue being while 1: there are no reasons not to accept this `now standard'  interpretation of the data as a repulsive dark energy; 2: I anticipated a problem for 25 years with (`fashion queens' and their) spokesmen at the 'Court of Science' who measure present parameters, but perhaps again "Measure Not" the proper latter-day cosmic constant.9 Which sums up an educated opinion based upon a theoretical revamp of Einstein-Bergmann generalization of Kaluza-Klein 5D theory the serves as a unified and non-locally quantified system of dimensional (metric) analysis describing the five-dimensional world tensor across the whole space-time continuum (all conclusions being backed by a massive statistical/experimental analysis [saving all details for the advanced casino course]). Such deductions are presently extended to accord a discrete cosmology of  Creation and dimensionless analysis provided by the Meyer-Sheeter Monolith, augmented by a categorically complete geometric isomorphism with the full 11D Membrane, and garnishes some support by the small angle acoustic parameters at decoupling, as well as other interpretations of large angular scales that suggest a finite spatial horizon or radius.7 Which is to say that despite the data supporting a present repulsive cosmic constant, what we're talking about is again a dualistic cosmic constant: its true universal geometry and topology revealing a  Conformal Anti-de Sitter (Clifford/Klein) Mapping covering  the entire two time dimensions  of the Whole 5D World Membrane of space-time signature SO(3,2). Likewise, that world, our World, in a some physical sense possesses all subgeometries at the Interior of a Riemann/Meyer Cosmic Blackhole (AdS x R5), whose Event Horizon or 'Absolute' Closure Radius, and AdS Geometry, Governs the State Function of the Universe (as a few quantum theorists like Brad Holland have conjectured). A final discussion of the various cosmic eras and membrane dualities suggests a presently accelerating era having a 14 billion light years radius, which times two pi marks the end of time when the universe collapses back to a final/initial state Planck primaton in a fixed 88 billion light year cycle - a maximized cyclical entropistic constant. Yeah, that's the punch-line folks - but as ever, the proof's in the pudding - yet who wants to wait another 14-30 billion years, especially when a small additional casino fee can save you all that time!

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 The Infinity Problem, Projective Geometry and its Regional Subgeometries

Sheeter’s supporting 290 page text, provides the categorically consistent and complete geometric basis for this 11-dimensional tautology. A distillation of Felix Klein, Veblen and Coxeter’s works in one volume, it unites all subgeometries, so too all substages of (physical) existence, with a synthetic ‘formal simplicity’ emphasizing common projective tenets that fueled Klein’s old 'Erlangen program.'

Given the series title of this 1987 printing (process press, Berkeley) is Volume One of Projective/Elliptic Geometry and Unified Space-Time, it should be evident that 241 Mumbers serves as, but far exceeds the original expectations for, the second volume of this series, further justifying why the geometry book was withheld, remaining unpromoted until this more opportune moment. (So, now a national mailing failed to produce one order from a math library; which figures!1cB-dE) Promotional issues aside, this connection between geometry and physics is well established with regard to the importance of the above cover figure in the 2009 article The Origin of the 11D World Membrane as a Pascal Conic Section of a 6D String in a 5D Projective Space.

A chapter outline of the synthetic geometry text is as follows. Chapter I: A Historical Overview of the Infinity and Parallelism Problems in Geometry. Chapter II: An Overview of Projective Geometry in a Minimal Categorically Complete Configurational System. Chapter III: Propositions of Incidence and the Construction of Configurations and Rational Systems. Chapter IV: The Propositions Necessary For Rational, Real and Complex Projective Spaces. Chapter V: The Elliptic Metric in the Real Region of a Complex Projective Space. Chapter VI: The Subgeometries in Convex Regions of Real Projective Space - which covers a generalized model of descriptive and affine geometries relative to 'the Absolute' that establishes the following metric subgeometries. The first of which is Euclidean, where we borrow heavily on Hilbert's text and Coxeter in regard to its specific symmetries. We then discuss the projective foundations of Lobatschevski's hyperbolic geometry, concluding with, what I believe is, an unprecedented projective description for the affine metric of Minkowski geometry - so serves as an interface of geometric tenets necessary for a discussion of space-time physics. Which warrants a few final comments on some 4D and 5D space-time models that have been used to generalize and/or unify metric curvatures, such as that employed by Einstein once he'd mastered Riemann's  geometry (noting that his contemporary Clifford's ideas of Chap. 5 on more general elliptic spaces relatively took years to be appreciated). But that came before Einstein began hanging out with the likes of masters Felix (or Oskar) Klein, P. G. Bergmann and Gödel (so it may be fun to try to decipher Occam's and my sly critique of Al and Kurt's views on space-time curvatures in Rant 5) while working on unifying the fields, and/or/as space-time theories, of special and general relativity.

241 Mumbers also offers both books as part of the e-interactive program of advanced courses and an up-dated subscription service - check the order page for a few further details.


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