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Send book orders to mail address or with your e-mail & mailing address, business-name and contact information to receive confirmation with a dealer/library invoice. Standard vendor discounts are 33% for 1-4 and 40% for 5 or more books; plus $.50 per book with a $3 base fee for 3rd class U.S. postage, packing and handling. Volume academic wholesalers receive a flat 25% discount (in order to encourage direct orders from U.S. libraries - see Rants1b). International libraries and individual orders should prepay online by PayPal or credit card, or in mail with check or money order (we'll subtract the base $4 shipping charges with prepayments, or from other parcel services and international rates). Send checks or postal orders to 241 Mumbers, PO Box 322, San Marcos, CA 92079-0322

Book Details and Pricing Information for Venders or the E-Course

S. T. Sheeter’s essential volume 241-Mumbers: The Definitive Data for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology (ISBN 0960537864) is indefinitely delaying publication of the 170 page hardcover… $63.49 in favor of the far cheaper interactive e-course, as described below. So presently only taking advanced library/dealer book orders at above e-mail or postal addresses, while interested individuals can always download the structured e-course (described below) via Pay Pal at a maximum price of $25.50 and await any promised rebates.           

Sheeter’s Projective Geometry and its Regional Subgeometries (ISBN 0960537848) is an equally definitive synopsis of synthetic geometry. A 285 page paperback text... $25.50         

Individual study of the physics text ideally begins with a download of the first four introductory chapters (see Summary Info), given with a formal task involving a question  (for details see designed to facilitate hands-on learning and a comprehension of the 241-Mumbers system of dimensionless scaling.1 This staggered structure provides a leisurely pace of study that also serves as an intelligible guide through an upcoming swamp that could easily overwhelm the reader by its shear density of material. Furthermore, in this way one can download the preliminary material before bills and sends you the rest of the e-book, a '2-for-1' bargain that comes with an e-mail request addressable to - where one can presently order it directly from the 241-store and will soon receive the Introductory Chapters of 241-Mumbers E-course with a few helpful instructions (normally $12.75) for free... [Add to Cart] [View Cart]

Subscribers for the e-book course can of course always later request their investment be credited toward the hardcover (available once its arguments are proofed as a coherent description of data, theory and comment worthy of a delayed first print publication). Given the 241-Mumbers E-Course is at once cheaper, up-gradable to the hardback, and presently only accessible as a series of loosely guided lessons, interested individuals should obviously opt for it as the wisest choice. (And since we'll be stressing individual orders for the e-book even after publication, as we are through actively promoting sales to US libraries1b, so don't cheaply assume it's going to show up in yours!) Furthermore, anyone who is unsatisfied, or flunks the quiz and wishes to opt without receiving the remaining chapters, is welcome to retrieve 1/2 of their $25.50 investment back - for at the present special 1/2 price deal for the full e-book, owes nothing unless the want the entire book. Yet we would prefer to reward successful answers with a Free Key to the Entire e-Book (as promised in Rants1), as well as all future updates and courses such as the Winners Club Casino Training in a Lifetime 241-Subscription. The E-course with staggered downloads of Sheeter's 170 page E-text 241-Mumbers: The Definitive Data for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology (ISBN 0960537863) is fully priced at $25.50, but presently is half-priced (hopefully paid now to show your interest as I'm pretty sure few will answer the two questions to get everything for free, or otherwise later for cheapskates who don't trust a rebate when they opt out, or those will really want to receive the remaining downloads) for $12.75.   

This special price also presently applies for just those who might want to to likewise expect to opt out of the precognitive gambling training after receiving the initial tips or questions - but no freebies - as I might end up kicking non-winners out of the casino training for any number of reasons as well, though even in the future I might give un-troublesome studiers half their 25.50 back if they politely plead their case in the basement poor house and let them stay in the club. Anyway, Allah-U's Winners Club Casino for Big-Ticket Precognitive Gambling Training is nearly opening for business, so just settle for a reduced priced $12.75 tab to Pay Pal (or mail me a check) for now - and send me a note at so I can e-mail you the basic real tricks and first questions while I'm at least setting this site up, and also so I can get to know you personally) and build the e-mail list once I cillect. (I'll also generally ask you for an Open Office record of your data, and though you don't have to share it, it'll be your problem as I don't have to trust anyone either for collecting the full 25.50 up front! We'll probably have an open forum for sharing, but don't know yet how to keep these real or applied secrets from prematurely screwing up the staggered interactive learning for the novices.) Anyway, we'll repeat this with the cart below on the end of the overview of page6 for the Winners Club, which will be freely shocking enough for all the religious zealots, egghead academics and vain skeptics in this sad world (- as I didn't hold God's royal high straight flush (it's first thing you U will C!) up my sleeve for 9 or 10 years for nothing! - or even gobs of nearly guaranteed free publicity). Thanks!

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