241 Mumbers: The Definitive Data for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology

         Mumbers, Mumbers, Mighty Mumbers            

'Mumbers' is just short for "Membrane Numbers"

Yet, Without Mumbers there’d be No Numbers

No more than there’d be Mumbers Without Numbers

    And there was given to me a reed like a rod; and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and Measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and Measure It Not.      Revelation 11

Did God have a choice in creating the universe?      Albert Einstein’s better "dicey question"

      Are all the (measurable) dimensionless parameters that characterize the physical universe calculable in   principle or are some merely determined by historical or quantum mechanical accident and incalculable?            The #1"Millennium Question" of David Gross at 'Strings 2000'

241 Mumbers was conceived by answering this last question, a couple of months after being chosen as the deepest quandary facing physics in the 21st Century. Based upon the seminal work of A. J. Meyer on gravitational cosmology, S. T. Sheeter’s 241-Mumbers: The Definitive Data for Fundamental Physics and Cosmology shares the wealth of break-through discoveries covering every aspect of fundamental physics and cosmology. In the spirit of the preceding quote, our work is accordingly dedicated to fulfilling the legacy of Einstein’s vision; yet first serves as a reminder of how even he was rebuked for years of perceived failed efforts developing "unified field theory." For the same questions remain unanswered in modern theories like superstrings, a particulate modeling that’s curiously incapable of a prediction for any known particle, yet whose strings are at once essential to answering Einstein's query concerning universal creation. Such ironies forcefully illustrate why a (non-metric or) dimensionless scaling of physics based upon the indisputable 'pure' invariants of numbers, ratios or geometric principles is indispensable - if one is to move beyond incomplete theories correlated with data encumbered by rough approximations for a host of relatively independent 'free parameters.' Yet, as Revelation 11 portends, how many will admit that determination of such a parameter as quark mass, though clearly not directly measurable by any means employed by the "empirical court of science," not only remains "theoretically calculable in principle" - but is determinable by, as well as being empirically demonstrable under or within, what is more truly a Common "Court of God’s Measure?"

It follows that whether you're interested in a book order or e-subscription, are curious, or just skeptically evaluating such "claims" with no intent of 'buying' anything, it’s of crucial benefit to contemplate the Sample Data and Proofs (if not also the text's Summary). For the 3rd sample allows you to calculate the mass of a down quark by the "Best Proof" in the 241-system, after you're here simply given the up quark mass = 3.169816 MeV. Likewise, the 2nd derivation of the measured mass of the neutral weak Zo boson is perhaps an even more impressive "pudding proof" as a demonstration of the validity of Mumbers' unprecedented and exacting methods, equations and data in regards to the equally precise mass of the much heavier strange (+s) and bottom (-b) flavors of the down quark 'family.' But giving their mass values in electron Volts would be fruitless without comprehension of the greater system that determines them; which is nearly as senseless as writing and publishing books to be given away as free fodder or toilet tissue to appease a spoiled herd of nerdy sheep and/or their handlers. (So one might check out ref.0 for an extended raunchy poem from the old -X-ranch  in Notable Rants, as well as the next rude references1 that serve to [perhaps help thwart, but hopefully] inspire an ensuing option iterated on the Orders page of a wiser, yet cheaper, e-book subscription.) For in physical science, as in business or life, the "proof (in, or) of the pudding is in the eating" - as just a few tastes of the chef's favorite flavors tantalizing your pallet should be fully sufficient to confirm an order for a full bowl. Yum.

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